Are you excited to look slimmer when you actually not? Yes, of course, why not. This may be the reply from almost every plus figure body. Well, it’s every female’s dream, whether possessing slim or plus size figure, to catch hold the attention of those tall, sturdy, and handsome guys. This is common funny reason to think for fashion, but fashion is not always to look good to others, but it’s to enhance one’s personal beauty both inner and outer ways.

Let’s eye on some of the ideas that can solve the ways to look attractive and slimmer.

  1. Undergarments


May is this point seems avoidable for many, but in real this should be the first point to concentrate. Position your saggy and big boobs with the correct cups of bras. It’s women’s thought they always pick the right lingerie and if it’s branded means they have put their hands on the best. No, it’s not like the same always. The underwear that makes you feel comfortable and lifts your figure to its position and makes you feels great. Yes, it’s essential to satisfy yourself first.  Most essential to remember that cups that cover the boobs should not flatten its original shape, or it should not be extra loose. This mistake will degrade the beauty of your chest and waist portion which adds to majority to body beauty. It’s not compulsory to wear every time the wire layered bras.

Next, in the row are the underpants. Mostly, all the plus size underpants easily fit in on the big bumps and thighs. And, there we feel that it has been worn the right size in the right way. Concentrate here; these pants are worn to cover the private part, i.e. crotch and to provide the safety to its delicacy. So, when chosen it shouldn’t simply get extremely stretched on the waistline and no excessive stress should be on the crotch. It’s advisable to wear underpants of boyish style fitted underpants of the material that suits your body temperature. This style works on putting together the extra mass on the thighs and bulky bumps somewhat in a limited coverage. Better, if avoided the v-cut shape underpants.

  1. Confidence and trust


Now, you may wonder, how these factors affect to make you look slimmer. Yes, all my dear friends, as readers and viewers, this point weighs a lot importance. Going through the different articles, you may be able to choose the good outfit for your figure, but everyone doesn’t measure with the same scale. The ideas and scale line for a different outfit varies from person to person. Even, if you dress according the guidelines of the top professional fashion designer in the world, for example, Manish Malhotra, Coco Chanel, Georgio Armani, or Calvin Klein, the tips of all of them fails if you don’t wear it with confidence and trust. Your wear many not be right, good and attractive for others eyes, and there they won’t award the full marks. So, what you need to be confident what you wear. Keep dwelling with the ideas from person to person won’t allow you to stick to your best attire.

  1. Prints


Views hold by many that plus size figure should discard the printed fabrics. Well, to debate on this point, I would like to share my experiences that mostly it’s unlike that. Printed fabrics are used to tailor for every size dress. Crucial is that it requires to chose the correct prints for plus size attires. Prints deliberating big and bulky vision, floral designs like rose, or hibiscus, thickness of the strips, distribution of circular dots on the fabric, digital designs like human figures, all these extremely matters while selecting and designing attire for plus size.

Larger the size of prints, it broadens one’s eyesight. So, it’s favourable to choose the smaller prints, and those scattered with enough space. Cluster designs of any prints, even smaller, often gives confusion look. The strips should be maximum half inch size is better as more the thickness gives a fatty appearance to one’s imagination. Go for horizontal strip print. Dotted prints fabric should be kept in option for the last choice.

  1. Nature of fabric


There are numerous kinds of fabrics flows in the designing market. Now, here one needs to invest time on choosing the material that wraps the body shape and still looks beautiful. Every time it may not be chosen to wear body fitted, or one piece dress. So, if a material which has soft flowing, self glossy and stretchable textures are the best choices. I overlook the cotton material, but there comes a season when this material is best suited and first choice of any size figure. For this, Batiste is cotton mix fabric can be voted, and it’s light and stable fabric. Velvet with thick elastic and stretchy nature is good choice. Corduroy is another name in the list for strip effect fabric. Silk remains the quality choice to sew any size attires. Remember, there are other fabrics whose outlook is attractive, but it shouldn’t be too thin, transparent, or vision extra loaded like denims. When, you go for too thin and transparent fabric, there it needs to be added with another piece of attire to hide your body. This emits the heavy looks which actually need to cut off here.

  1. Colors


This is another essential factor to discuss. Yes, colors matter largely in scaling your figure, but there is no such fixed chart that needs to follow. Skin complexion plays a great role in selecting the color. If a dark skin vote for gaudy color, then both mix to give heavy look. The fair skin emits brighter light when draped in dark colors. People have their favorite colours and would like to wear it, and then the style of the outfit should be concentrated to equalize the effect of color of the fabric plus skin complexion. It also matters the color and the texture of fabric. Silk is always attractive in bright colors.

  1. Fitted dress


Wear the attires tailored decently to shape your curves. Yes, now you wonder shaping the extra messy curves in fitted garments, how can it look attractive? Won’t the bulky stomach and heavy bumps show an error in the figure? Need to concentrate, here that depends on the fabric material, for example 4 ways stretchy, the Spandex Knit should mix with cotton or rayon which are stiff in nature would not glue to the body shape, still will flow as the body curves. Next, is when two pieces are worn, see the length of the top is hiding bumps and not necessarily touching the knee length. One piece can be divided vision by waist belt. Avoid the flared dresses.

  1. Latest fashion


After, considering all the above points, drape yourself attire of the latest fashion. This keeps on the track and you won’t look old fashioned. Often, there rules a feeling in one that when after dressing it doesn’t appeal your eyes, you mistakes to assume that something is wrong with your figure. Don’t you know what and how your figure is before dressing the attire? Or, within seconds it changed? No, dear if anytime you feel so, then check with the dress and its style. May be your selection doesn’t match better with your body.

  1. Emphasize the best features

Funky Sexy Plus Size Fashion Model



It’s not that fuller size figure needs to conceal each body features. Women are blessed with attractive and shapely figures. So, do concentrate to show off those curves and features in a decent and stylized ways through the cuts and tailors of the attires.

  1. Accessories


Only an outfit is not the part of fashion, but accessories also add on to it. Handbags, necklaces, footwear, belts, necklace, and wristbands can enhance the look of the attire and your beauty, both.


It’s not easily changeable from plus size figure to normal size, but till then one can’t keep continuing to wear the normal attires every time. Events, parties, weddings, cultural occasions, etc many such reasons keeps revolve around you every time which demand to drape unique and attractive attire. All, the above points are extremely helpful to arrive at a correct decision of what to fit on the plus size figure.


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