What is fashion?

Fashion is a word that straight relates to dresses. And the styles that we adapt and wear in those fashionable dresses can be termed as fashion styles.

Fashion is something that gives new look to your appearance and a meaning to what you wear.

How new fashions are made?

Well, fashion is shown through new style and unique designed dresses. There are unlimited designs in dresses from casual wear to formal, party wear to wedding ceremonies, etc. The numerous designers on these land keeps designing their every new creations and styles giving this world the large range of designer wears.

Who creates new fashion every time?

Fashion designers are the personalities known for their creative ideas and unique imaginations which lead them to make the designer dresses. Their creative minds and unique ideas unite to play with different fabrics and accessories to make appealing designer wears.

Where you can see fashion?

Fashion is visible everywhere. It is vision in the attires you wear, the added accessories to enhance the presence the beauty looks of an attire, shoes, bags, and make ups. Even the decorated ambiance around us with designed furniture, attractive colours and unique placement of antique pieces is also a fashion.

How fashions bring changes?

Fashion doesn’t mean just to wear designers’ dresses and add beautiful accessories to it. It means a lot more than that. Fashion has the immense power to influence other and communicates your presence, nature and behaviour, style and taste from the ways you fashion. It is much more than passing time in looking good only.

Many views it as funs distraction from serious things in life. But, it actually is not. It has its significance and worthy of notice.

Why fashion is important?

It literally influences a person’s life in many ways.

  1. Personality

Fashion has always worked out a route to express one. The burden of attire on your body depicts about your living ways, thought about life, and expresses to an extent your likes. It reveals your mood for the day.

  1. Confidence

Undoubtedly, a good personality always boosts the confidence. It literally fills one with confidence looking great, feeling great, and boosting up the new dreams and desires.

A nice fitted garment gives a neat and aesthetic looks. The confident feelings make you more productive and achieve more in your ways.

A good look adds positivity to face challenges and you breed more success.

A good and first impression matters a lot for everyone. That’s why it’s always preferred to dress well and neat, a style that suits on your figure rather than blindly copying others. Remember, that what suits on other may not look better on you.

All the above, to look good and well dressed doesn’t mean that you need to be a fashion stylist, or choose the designers’ garments only. It wants to explain the real you in a definable way through a carved and neat dress.

People with unique looks are always noticed. There are various constant fashion styles. You can look at it and can judge by you which fashion styles suits the best on you.

  1. Enhances economy

Fashion always remained big market across the globe. It generates a million dollars income in every country. Fashion provides a platform for thousands to grab a job and earn their livelihood and good name.

It is one of the best fields to spread your identity as a successful person. This field is not restricted to only one job as fashion designer. But, it has many jobs selection in fashion world. There is a good and different career scope in fashion designing for creative minds and artistic hands.

  1. For every age people

The most interesting thing it is for any age. People do think that it limits to a young or maximum middle age only. They have the thought that fashion looks good on sexy figures only. But, it is not like that.

Fashion is ruling on every age mind. It can be beautifully worn by any age and any figure size. The plus size women especially give up the thought that fashion is for them.

The only difference lays in what the great ideas of wearing fashion for plus size women.

  1. Adds versatility to life

Fashion has great diversification. It has various styles and designs for different functions. One needs not to repeat the same style and dress everywhere.

It can be create for each individual as per their desires. Each individual can be given unique look.

Bridal dress is one of the most important fashions for All Women. In foreign countries, the bridal dress pattern is same, but it is always designed in unique style every time. “Do you like this bridal dress?” It’s the white gown with long veil, embroidered, netted, laced, etc in many designs.

This shows that the same fashion pattern can be made in unique styles emitting aesthetic looks.


Fashion is always there from ages. It appears in different forms for every age people. It reigns from decades and will continue. It adds freshness and makes really exciting.



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