What is fashion designing?

Designing in fashion field meant to say you need to possess a creative and calculative mind, those artistic fingers that can run down the pencil lid to evolve the unique designed attires for any shaped body.

What is the scope in fashion designing?

Fashion designing is a vast world for designers. There is no boundary to imaginations and creativity. So, this platform of designing is having immense scope for the desired and determinant aspirants. It’s not restricted to only one post of designer. There are many lines of specialist emerging from it.


Who are Fashion designer?

This personality loves to study about fashion trends of all ages. Their world circles around mainly sketching designs, and select materials. They also keep their presence in all the other production aspects of their designs. They design any category of wears depending on their line of interest. A designer has the quality to design for all ages.

What are the skills required becoming a fashion designer?

  • Should be creative and artistic
  • Good hands in sketching
  • Have eagles eye to catch each details
  • Innovative and original
  • Good visualization power to translate  fabric into a dress
  • Good communication skill
  • Hardworking and time oriented
  • Fashion conscious
  • Good observer
  • Be parallel with the time
  • Understand customer lifestyles and their demands
  • A market person. Should be aware of the latest trends, fashion need, and market price


What are the duties of fashion designer?

  • Designs attires as per latest trends
  • Anticipate designs that appeals customers
  • Create designs on computer using CAD (computer aided design)
  • Collects new fabric samples from the manufacturers
  • Work with team members to prepare prototype designs
  • They work with other designers for achieving big targets like fashion shows, or design a dress for miss world, or universe
  • They market the new designs by making samples to the industry, or customers
  • Need to keep eye on the complete procedure of production till the dress gets ready

Qualification required 

  • 10 + 2 with 50% marks for undergraduate course
  • Graduation for postgraduate courses

What are the courses in fashion designing?

The courses include certificates for graduate, postgraduate, and diploma in the following areas:-

  • Fashion and accessory designing
  • Apparel marketing and merchandising
  • Leather and garment designing
  • Technology
  • Garment manufacturing technology
  • Textile design and development
  • Fashion journalism and presentation
  • Knitwear design and technology

What are the scopes in the field of fashion designer?

The horizon of fashion design is vast and not limited to garments only. It covers many other aspects.

Let’s view some of it.

  1. Fashion merchandiser


  • It’s a 2 years course.
  • Graduates from any stream can continue in the same.

Duties of fashion merchandiser

  • It aims to train the students to develop as professionals in the field of merchandising.
  • A merchandiser has primary responsibility of marketing.
  • Analyze the latest trends and sales data
  • Collecting details from buyers
  • Main job is to spread awareness, and publicizing the latest trends and brands
  • A fashion merchandiser should have the capability to understand trends, posses creativity, and basic understanding for reorganizing styles
  • Should have good communication skills
  • Good opportunity to work with a boutique, clothing companies and in abroad.
  • Selected final year students get chance to present their graduating projects at international universities like NABA Italy
  • Selected students are offered intern at international events like Paris fashion week


  1. Fashion consultant


  • Requires high school diploma
  • Some companies demands for bachelor’s degree

Duties of fashion consultant

  • They are called personal stylist or image consultants
  • Help clients to enhance their professional or personal image
  • Required good communication skills
  • Helps the client to chose the apparel as per occasion and theme
  • Provides fashion advices and increase sales
  • Remain up-to-date with the market trends
  • Analyze seasonal trends and implement them
  • Need to follow the latest trends with the changing period
  • Should always stay a step ahead of the market to feed the customers unique designs
  • Follow with the current and regular customers through emails or phone
  • Let the customers know about the hopeful latest designs in the market
  • Obtain a retail or customer service experience
  • Willing to travel to serve valued customers
  • Can start career in retail where they learn about the brands, styles, and fit
  • As a salesperson they can develop a client
  • Can gather experience as a stylish assistance
  • Can work in a media consulting firm


  1. Technical designer


  • To become a technical designer bachelor’s degree required
  • Some prefer associates degree for assistant’s position
  • Experience of 0-3 years for entry level positions
  • 5-10 years experience for senior positions

Duties of technical designer

  • These people are known as the engineers of fashion industry
  • They perform a job to give life to the sketches drawn by the designers
  • They work as mediators between fashion designer and production staff
  • They work with designer to reach each details about the sketch
  • The details include selection of fabric material. The other details like buttons, thread colour, stitch gauges, zipper, etc need to work by them
  • They prepare a technical package. It includes bills f materials, final sketches of an attire, label placement, packaging instruct, wash description, sewing details, and points of measurements.
  • They are known for pattern maker


  1. Fashion coordinator/Fashion Director


  • Bachelor’s degree is best for this post

Duties of Fashion coordinator/Fashion Director

  • Read through the past history of fashion
  • Fosters new fashion concepts
  • Attends fashion and observes others fashion details
  • Visit the manufacturers to collect the information about new trends
  • Merchandise the markets to gather information on the latest trends
  • Keep monitoring regularly the fashion publications
  • Stay in regular touch with designers to keep up with changing trend
  • Figure out the potentiality of any design in the market
  • Involves personally in creating effective marketing plans
  • They work out on advertising strategies
  • Keeps coordinating with designers, manufacturers, and sales person to create the continuous flow in the market
  • Takes the charge of promotional market by selecting the garment and accessories
  • In charge of organizing the fashion photo shoot, fashion shows, and magazine events
  • Help the buyers to make the proper purchases for fashion materials


  1. Fashion Illustrator


  • Bachelor’s degree in graphic designer or related field
  • Associate’s degree can be helpful
  • Keen eye for designs
  • Creative mindset

Duties of Fashion Illustrator

  • Works closely with fashion designers and art directors
  • Should be familiar with computer design software like Photoshop
  • Creates designs by hand or computer
  • Works by hand in variety artistic mediums like pencil, charcoal, pastel, or paints
  • Mainly tasked for sketches, layouts, and images
  • Illustrate the designs in a way to bring the life in to it
  • Produce the sketches and layouts for advertising market, magazines, catalogs, and brochure
  • Matches the appropriate colour and animation to describe the existing fashion concept
  • Develops new patterns in fabrics with different designs to manufacture garments
  • Detailed communication skill is must


  1. Fashion Stylist


  • Minimum associated degree
  • Professional certificate is available from the Association of Image Consultants International (AICA)
  • Creativity and visual accuracy is must
  • Learn about textile science, fashion history, visual marketing and retail buying

Duties of Fashion Stylist

  • Selects the clothing and accessories for all fashion concerts
  • They prepare the fashion styles for advertising in prints and TV, music videos, concert performances, published editorial features, and even any public appearances made by celebrities
  • Be the part of a large creative team that includes clients, fashion designer, photographer, and make-up artist
  • Source the fashion items and props photographic shoots and other related functions
  • Organise and visualize others fashion parade
  • Buy the fashionable attires on loan from boutiques and designers

Who are Celebrity Stylists

  • This can be said as the hired personal stylist for any celebrity
  • They work for his/ her celebrity in many situations and with much capacity
  • They work for celebrity from a red carpet event to commercial shoots, shopping to salon trips, and a fashion psychologist
  • They focus on making client’s appearance look good including make-up, hair styles, wardrobes and daily clothing
  • They take initiatives in celebrity’s day today purchases related to attires, shoes, and accessories
  • They use their fashion creativity when a celebrity needs to make fashion purchases for any events, photo shoot, movie premiere, interviews, etc.
  • They join with designers to produce custom clothing for his/her celebrity to attend awards shows, or fashion editors at top magazines





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