What is fashion?

Fashion is a word that is ruling on every youngster mind. It is not only restricted to clothing, but it also includes the various accessories. Fashion is never constant. It keeps altering with seasons and person to person.

Fashion never dies. It is transparent and continues from ages. Only the ways of designing are changing with the evolution of more creative minds.

Fashion is never limited to age or body sizes. It is a style that can cover any age and any size figure to appear good. It was long old thought that fashion looks good on a slim, smooth and shiny figures only.

The creative minds of the famous designers have made the most beautiful attires for any age and different sizes. With their best creation creations, the plus size women who were hiding them behind the lose dresses have come up openly to wear their heart out.

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The fashion is not limited to one or rare style, but today’s women are encircling them with different fashion styles. There are various fashion styles that are running in women’s mind from ages. Read here some of the best fashion styles………….


Here are some of the never changing fashion styles.

1.     Haute Couture Fashion

  • This is known as the luxurious fashion style
  • Designs are created for individual request
  • It is affordable by the richest only
  • It is made for the passionate customers who likes to wear one of a kind piece
  • The dress is made to individual size and specification


2.     Limited Edition Fashion

  • These designs are for group of people who likes to wear unique and pieces that are rare in market.
  • These attires though available in few pieces only, but still affordable
  • Mostly, this kind designs are limited to the production of maximum 20-30 pieces only
  • The branded companies follow limited edition fashion for their unique designs


3.     Designer Wear Fashion

  • These fashion wears are made by the famous designers
  • It is available in retail shops
  • These fashion pieces are costly, but not like couture or limited edition


4.     Classic Fashion

  • These are all time fashion
  • The style never goes out of fashion
  • The attires are made from the expensive quality fabrics
  • Sewn with seamless finishing
  • The dress can be worn in different seasons appearing new every time
  • The attires doesn’t appear outdated


5.     Street Fashion

  • These are the cheaper designs
  • Manufactured in lots
  • Available at retail shops
  • Mostly designed focussing the young generations
  • Normal quality fabrics are used
  • Available at affordable prices due to mass production and normal quality material
  • Stays for shorter time
  • It is a copy of the latest design in fashion market


6.     Diffusion Fashion

  • It is the collection belonging to major designer who works on Haute couture designs
  • It is manufactured for the masses
  • This avails possibility for ordinary women to wear the designer garments which are costly enough


7.     Eco-Fashion

  • It integrates the environmental concerns
  • The theme is eco-friendly, everything green
  • From the materials used to the manufacturing items, all green inspired



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