What is acne?

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Acne is considered as a skin disorder. Though, this word is more commonly attached with females, males also suffer with its pain. This word can be heard in any corner across the globe. It is a condition of the skin in which the various bumps can be visible as blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, or pimples. It is believed that the teenagers get acne due to the hormonal changes that comes with puberty. It is the disorder of the skin which involves the oil glands.

What are blackheads?

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These are the bumps dark in colour found on the skin when the greasy secretion from the oil glands (sebaceous glands) clogged the hair follicle with sebum and debris. The excess of sebum production is plugged at the top of the pore results in catching and collecting dead skin and bacteria. Blackheads are not much painful.

Not only in black colour, but the blackheads can be of different colours such as gray, yellow, and brown. The colour differs due to the oxidation of the melanin pigment. The melanin pigment which is found in sebum that is produced by oil glands comes in contact with the air at the top of the open comedo, thus turning the blackheads dark, but if it not oxidized than the colour appears more in yellow.

What are whiteheads?

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These are another mild form of white coloured acne appears on the skin’s surface. It occur when a pore clogs with sebum (the secretion from the oil glands), dead skin cells, and debris. It is covered with thin layer of skin. It varies in sizes sometimes small enough to visualize, or growing to noticeable acne. They aren’t painful.

What are pimples?

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These are acne red in colour takes birth when a pore gets plugged up. They are inflamed raised skin lesions that contain pus. These are painful. Pustules are the pimples filled with pus and easily visible on the skin. Nodules are another type of the pimples that are larger compare to Pustules and visible on the skin.

What are cysts?

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Cysts are closed sac like structure filled with liquid, semisolid, or gaseous material. Cysts can affect any part of the body. They vary in sizes from microscopic to team sport balls. It is caused by infection, and it pains only when it ruptures, become infected, or inflamed. Some cysts are resulted as the blockage in the natural drainage system of the body.






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