Fashion is everyone’s choice. People like to wear fashion in different ways. There are various fashion styles for different occasions. It depends on people’s selection and need of time which fashion is to be chosen.

There has been constant effort from the well known fashion designers to create something new every time. They keep bringing the adorable changes in different fashion styles which look appealing to one’s eyes.

The style wore by people speak about them. It tells about their choice and taste. The dress wore at a particular time defines the occasion.

Apart from various different fashion styles, there emerges some of the fashion styles which are considered as never changing or constant fashion style. to know more about such designs, read more on……………

Let’s roll on our eyeballs on some of the fashion styles that are running from ages on everyone’s mind.

1.     Vintage style

  • It is most adorable style
  • It emulates the style of precious era
  • Also known as Retrospective style
  • It is high peak of fashion from the 20s to the 70’s
  • A trend that keeps running till ages

2.     Bohemian

  • It is a popularized fashion style from the period 1960’s and 1970’s
  • This style focuses on free and flowing fabrics
  • It is also known as Boho chic
  • The style defines wild patterns on exotic fabrics
  • It is an inspiration from gypsy and hippie looks

3.     Chic style

  • This style defines the word fashionable or trendy in the best way
  • It is a style when wore makes one noticeable and smart
  • This style find places in wardrobes of people who prefers classic styles
  • Being casual, still it looks more than a casual wear
  • The dresses are finely tailored

4.     Artsy Fashion Style

  • The name Artsy shows how creative designer may be
  • The person chooses this style reveals her artistic nature
  • This style does not follow any particular rules
  • The person can create their fashion styles
  • This style is not bound by any fashion rules mentioned in the textbook


5.     Sexy style

  • The word sexy itself describes the style wore that shows off the best features
  • The exposure of body is a maximum compare to all other styles
  • The attires are body fittings and short
  • The bust and the stomach features are more focused
  • To wear this style a person needs perfect figure to exposed beneath the attire
  • It can’t be everyone’s choice


6.     Casual style

  • This can be said otherwise a style of comfort
  • It is most sought after fashion of all times
  • It does not involve any such bold colours and exotic cuts
  • It emits the simplest looks of a person
  • The attires of this style is not fitted to body, but a bit loose


7.     Sophisticated fashion style

  • The people who don’t compromises in anything chooses this style
  • This style displays the quality, culture and well mannered
  • It states the status of a person
  • Mostly the higher level person affords it
  • The business women prefers it most
  • The styles depicts the luxurious feel


8.     Tomboy fashion style

  • It is the favourite style of those who likes to live in a boyish way
  • They do not obey the norms of usual women’s wear
  • T-shirts, baggy, shirt, and jeans are their common wear
  • Their dresses does not have the room for laces frills, or girly colours
  • They prefer this style to look harder and straight like boys
  • It is simple and still looks stylish on them
  • To match the style, they often discard wearing girly accessories and maintain short hair style
  • It is never a costlier fashion style


9.     Rocker fashion style

  • It is a versatile fashion style
  • Keeps changing depending on generation moods
  • As this is a combination of two or more styles, there are unlimited creations in it
  • No loose apparels, rather more tight fitting dresses are selected
  • It mostly depends on the person that chooses the style to wear
  • It equally emits the smarter look in one
  • Leather wear is mostly preferred for this style


Preppy fashion style

  • This style reminds of college days
  • The collared t-shirts are paired with pants
  • The A-line skirts are worn with girly collared blouses
  • A piece of head-band goes better with it







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