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Whenever kids get the best support from both the parents and teachers in an educational institute, they perform their best. They ranked as toppers in achieving their life goals. The proper guidance from teachers and good support from parents are literally helpful for any child to understand the importance of education in life.

The parents don’t have to hunch over the desk for hours to complete their task. They can be helpful in many ways. He/she can explain their kids a section of study through demonstrations. They can explain tricky mathematical problems in simple ways, help them find the real meaning of the question in tricky words, encourage their kids to take a short break from their continuous hours of studies, and many more.

Parents are said to be the second teacher for any kid apart from their school teacher.

Following are the tips that can be helpful to any parent while engaging with their kids to complete their home task.

  1. Meet the school teachers

Parent-teachers meeting is one of the tasks that is carried in top CBSE board schools in India. It depends on the school organization if they conduct the meeting once in a month or fortnight. The parents should take initiative to attend the meetings to visualize their kid’s performance in the school hours.

The teachers like to dictate the parents about the daily progress in the class and kid’s presentation in all the aspects including the homework completion.

Often, it happens that kids don’t show up their incomplete task to their parents and the parents are unaware of the same facts.

The parents can also inquire from teachers about how to provide additional help to their ward for better progress. This parent-teacher meeting is much helpful for a parent to understand their child’s need, and they can in better way assist their kids to study.

  1. Set-up homework-friendly environment in the house

If the kid is surrounded with a pleasing environment, then they would surely like to develop an interest in studies and be efficient to complete their home task. For example, provide sufficient stationery for them.

  1. Schedule home task hours

It is necessary for a child to be disciplined. The parent scheduled the best hours of their child when they are fresh and active to concentrate on their home task.

Every child has different study schedule. The study time also differs from child to child. So, a parent needs to calculate their ward’s nature and schedule regular study hours for them.

It has been observed while meetings in CBSE schools in Amravati that parents are tired to rescheduling the study hours for their kids and still it doesn’t work.


  1. Organize the study hours with small breaks

Many times, especially during exams, the kids are loaded with a huge home task and exam preparation both. During this period, the parents must reschedule their study hours. If the kid needs to continue studies in late hours, then the parents should assist him/her and advice them for short breaks of 10 minutes every hour or 90 minutes.

These short breaks are essential for kids during long study hours as our mind has limited capacity to absorb details at a time.



  1. Avoid distraction

This is a parent’s responsibility to avoid any kind of distraction like television, radio, casual phone calls, and video games.

The parents need to restrict them for using all these above entertainment things to allow their kid to concentrate on their studies and speed their work.


6. Kids need to do their work by them

Parents need to remember that they can assist the kids in solving any kind of homework related problems, but they should not dictate them completely.

The parents should excite their child to use their own thinking and should not get annoyed for their mistakes.

A kid needs to realize mistakes own and correct them. In the end, the parents are always there to assist them.

  1. Keep a regular check on the daily home assignment

The parent should ask their wards about the school lessons, activities, and any other interesting and new upcoming in the school.

They need to encourage them for their school works and activities if any, check their completed home task, and stay present to assist their child with any type queries from their wards.

  1. Be a good example for the kids

It is natural that the kids copy the parents and judge them even. When the kids are asked to perform their task with discipline and taught the importance of punctuality, the kids often turn to check the parent’s activities. The kids would like to see if the same words are ruling in their parent’s life.

The parents should be the first one to adopt the good habits and words in their life. Reading a book instead of watching television, especially during the kid’s study hours will be a good an example for any kid.

  1. Reward kids’ works and efforts

Parents should never forget that all the kids don’t have the same capacity and qualities. They should not compare their kids with others. They can beautifully set the other kids as an example for their own kid, but should not demoralize their wards by comparing their progress.

The parents need to praise their ward’s progress and enhance them to do better next time. The parents can show their excitement by sticking the test reports on a refrigerator or focused wall. Any achievement by their ward in extracurricular activities can be shared with friends and relatives.

Small rewards fill the children with enthusiasm and dedication for better progress.

  1. Discuss with a teacher on regular problems relating to a home task

Many times it happens that despite regular assistance from parents, the kids cannot cope up with daily works and the home task remains pending.

It will be essential on a parent’s part to meet the teachers personally and sort out the problems.

Important points

  • In today’s era, it has been noticed that both the parents are working. They get a single holiday per week. They are unable to assist their child regular. In such cases, it will be essential for parents to arrange them for parent-teacher meetings.
  • They can appoint home tutors rather than sending their child group coaching.



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