A good study schedule always keeps the kids happier and satisfied.
Final exams over, results are out and now, it’s time again to restart your academic year in a new grade.  When I was a student, I knew how eagerly I used to wait for returning to school. It was not less than a cheerful event to reconnect with school friends, the joy of wearing new dress and shoes, waiting eagerly to show-up a new school bag, bottle, and lunch-box, and much more.
To enhance the excitement and joy throughout the year, here are some tips for making a happy and successful school year.

The beginning of school, the first day and the whole year

Kids are loaded with many questions while returning to school on the first day. In addition, to live their excitement with their friends, they also remember in one corner of the mind what is the importance of education in lifeThey have promoted to the next grade and need to concentrate a little more for better progress.

1.     Getting Organized

In addition to fun and games in the school, the students need to stay ready every time with a well-organized study plan. When you’re clear of what to do and when to make it out will for sure add more excitement and success in the school-days.

2.     Divide study and play time

Studying is never an easy task for any level of the student. The forceful study will make it toughest and worst. It is better to prepare a time-table for study and sports. In addition to studies, it is important to devote part of your time for outdoor games.

3.     Set a home schedule for personal works

Follow the time-table for study and playing properly as well as maintain the schedule at home for other personal works like dinner, watching T.V., or reading books, etc. You are required for managing both the timetables in order to complete your day left with no pending works.

4.     Sleeping hours

The body performs efficiently only when the mind is working. You need to have a sound sleep of nearly 7-8 hours at night. It is essential for you to have physical and mental rest. A night of good sleep provides rest which keeps you fresh in school hours and sharpens your focus and improves working memory.

5.     Take notes

As you promote to higher grades every year, it is important for you to learn to take notes on own in the class. This will keep you attentive in the class. It also helps to narrow down what to study when it’s time for the exam. Reading notes and preparing for the exams is much easier than reading the entire chapter and textbook which consumes a lot of time.

6.     Study

Well, it is something for what we all attend schools. But, the crucial point is how to study? You simply can’t finish the syllabus in one day before the exam. Therefore, it’s a good habit to study every day for the decided hours whether you have exams or not. This will help to cover the small section of study every day. The stress during the exams for completing the syllabus will be less.
This is also effective in securing better results.

7.     Manage the study place

A well-organized study place enhances productivity. The fact is proven and true.  Whether it is a corner in your bedroom or in a living room, you need to keep the surrounding clean where you study. Clutter the unnecessary things and keep distance especially with television and hands out of mobile.

8.     Group study

Being a part of the group who is studying the same subject is often helpful to solve the problems you’re stuck with. It is also helpful to collect the missing or incomplete notes during the term and final exams. You can acquire help for any lines you’re unable to understand and provide the same help to others. Teaching others is another way of learning.

9.      Extracurricular activities

Apart from regular studies and sports, it is important to get indulged in debates, quizzes, exhibitions, various competitions, etc. It keeps your mind fresh and adds in you a lot of information and knowledge.

10.     Asking questions

Many students are introvert. They possess a shy nature. And, thus couldn’t clear their doubts freely either with teachers or classmates. You’re in the school to learn and grab knowledge in a different form. It is essential for students to clear their doubts with friends, classmates, and respective subject teacher.


Every student starts his/her new academic year with high hopes to succeed more and has great fun. Everything is achievable if determined. The above-listed points are simple, but when followed fills your academic year with more success and joy. Try out!!! It truly works.
It is also on parent’s part to extend a helping hand to their wards to follow the above suggestions to make their ward’s year a memorable one.

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