Relationship is the best thing one can ever have in the life. It all depends on personal experiences how people measure and value the relationship in their life. How much priority they give to their relationship? Is there any other thing than relationship that can attain more priority? There are no fixed measures to define it. It is the feeling that binds the people together and relationship forms.


What elements can be the base to hold the relationship in long run?




It is the crucial element in any kind relationship whether it can be friendship, dating, live in relationship, or marriage.

It forms the base of any kind relationship.

In absence of trust, the relationship lacks safety and security.

Having trust means possessing the quality of being reliable, responsible, and dependable.

Trust allows to share your heart talks and intense secrets.

It makes you feel comfortable and secure.

The relationship can be affected adversely by the factors such as jealousy, possessiveness, emotional infidelity, sexual infidelity, illicit relationship, lack of reliability, and mutual supportive goals.

2. Communication


Communication is the source that bring you closer to anyone.

Sharing your thoughts and ideas through words let you know each other better.

It is the way through which you can read each other’s mind.

The way to show your likings and love to each other.

It expresses your heart feelings.

The best way to solve out your worries and misunderstandings.

Often, it leads to continuation of the argument, but communication is the only way to end it up better.
It will never be a wise idea to completely stop communication after some regular arguments. It often happens in the life that we get fed up of daily arguments and difference in opinion. Lastly, we just find staying mute is the best solution. But, actually it is not. Continue the communication leaving those few argumentative topics aside for the time being.

3. Respecting each other’s thoughts and values


It is the most important basic of any sorts of relationship to respect each other’s values.

Every person have their own morals and values in life.

Often your thoughts differ with each other, but don’t pressurized it on each other.

Take care of each other’s essentials.

Show your respect for each other by accepting each other’s choices.

Often, there comes situation in the life where you need to sort out the work, but both of your ideas differ from each other. Now, here there need to attain higher degree understanding ending up the work quietly.

4. Spending valuable time with each other


There comes such a phase in relationship when you don’t devote your time to each other like before.

You priority diverts more towards other works or job.

There comes irregular nights not having healthy sexual relationship.

Getting exhausted from outside work leaves no energy and fresh mood to spend time together.

Spend some amount of time regularly in morning and evening hours.

Go for outing on vacation once in six months at least.

Go for dining outside once in a month.

Spend weekends with friends and family, but staying together.

Spend time for just staying you two together like the early couples, only two of you.

Such phases comes time for each other deducts due to various reasons that gets add in  life like, working pressure, kids birth, transfers of job, etc. Here, it needs the good management power and great understanding sharing the works and evaluate time to spend with each other.

5. Sharing task

Share the household and outside works.

Help in each other’s pending work whenever you can.

Interchange your works on holidays to bring a change.

When both of you do a job in office, regularly share the kitchen and handling kids work in between.

Before, marriage when a couple date each other and spend time together, they plan for so many things. It sounds interesting and easy to visualize sharing the works and carrying on the relationship happily. But, in real it comes out to be much different from that visualized before. Having good understanding, care for each other and not comparing helps much to share the task and continue happily.

6. Intimacy


Physical and emotional intimacy, both are very essential.

At the beginning of the relationship the nights spend together are much more.

Having number of times sex in-between sounds great to each other.

Keep putting effort to make each other believe that you both find each other attractive and sexy.

Don’t allow your work pressure and kids reason to distract your sexual relationship.

Healthy sexual relationship throughout and understanding each other’s sexual needs are one of the strongest roots to hold the relationship longer and happily.



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