Young woman patient with a senior gynecologist during the consultation in the gynecological office


Who are gynecologist?

“Hey, you there, one of the most beautiful woman on this land, it seems as if you live next door to gynaecologist. You score maximum in handling matters with hormonal change, sex, periods, and pregnancy.” Would you like hear the same for you? “Yess”, is the answer, and we all scream loudly raising hands.

Gynaecologist is always assumed and considered the best friend of any female. Unlike, in older days now females are free to share their most hidden and embarrassing secrets with gynaecologist. Whatever, it’s related to, from the vaginal odour to painful periods, sexual discomfort to pregnancy, any discussion related to private parts and hormonal changes in the body can be read word to your gynaecologist. Thanks to professional gynaecologist to avail the best platform for all females to sort out their inner pains.

In, this article I will focus on few common secrets, often many females still hesitate to discuss freely with her gynaecologist.

  1. Painful periods


It is the first and painful act in every female starts by the age 13-14. Yes, every female is not lucky to pass through painless periods. The pain is affected by several reasons. But, often females choose to bear the pain rather than discussing it with the gynaecologist. Some females are subjected to pain before and during the periods, and many experiences in the later years of life mostly coming in the sexual relation, or after delivery. For, minor pain home remedies can be use, but in severe pain one need to consult with a gynaecologist.

Let’s read out the read out the responsible points for the act, so we may better understand the need for approaching the female related specialist for it.

  • Premenstrual syndrome

It is caused by the hormonal changes in the body a week or two before the menstrual cycle.
  • Endometriosis

It is a condition in which the cells from the lining of the uterus grow on the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and tissues lining the pelvis.

  • Adenomyosis

This situation rarely occurs in which the uterine lining grows into the muscular wall of the uterus causing the pressure and inflammation.

  • Cervical stenosis

When the cervix is smaller causing trouble to menstrual flow, and increases the pressure inside the uterus that causes pain.

  • Fibroids in the uterus

This is non-cancerous tumours result abnormal menstruation and its pressure on the uterus causes pain.

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease

An infection often caused by sexually transmitted bacteria in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus causing inflammation of the reproductive organs.

Now, as you all are clear with the different reasons for menstrual pain, hope it’s understood the urgency to look for years’ experienced gynaecologist.

  1. Vaginal odour


This comes next in the row. Well, this simply a reason which more than any woman, the teenagers would like to share and the same time they are the only ones who hesitate to share. Basically, this problem is overlooked with some fake guesses, but sometimes it becomes the embarrassing reason, especially during the sexual relationship. Hmmm, this can be the reason for the unhealthy sexual relationship.

Let’s list the common reasons causing the vaginal odour: –

  • Overgrowth of normally occurring vaginal bacteria called Vaginitis (bacterial vaginosis)
  • Due to sexually transmitted infection called Trichomoniasis
  • The abnormal opening between the rectum and vagina called Rectovaginal Fistula that allows feces to leak into the vagina
  • Tight fitting clothes that don’t allow breathing in the area causing sweat and bacteria which results unpleasant smell
  • Poor hygiene


  1. Sexual history


Yup, another main point, especially among the teenagers, and young working females, possibility of having sexual history is high. Why it is so? Well, even having informative knowledge, females get into live in relationship. Today’s generation believe in enjoying life in the name of sex. The young blood doesn’t posses that matured brains that can hold the relationship long life. The open marriage system is another factor causing sexual relationship with frequent partners. One in a thousand may be lucky not to face any problems with such relationship. But, majority sooner or later get affected by the same in one or the other ways. Now, when the turn comes to visit the best gynaecologist clinic near you, you start wondering the list of queries the gynaecologist may hit like the number of partners, sexually abused in the childhood days, or having sex before 18 years and judge you as a person. Well, I would like to clear here that it’s all your mind set.

 Possibilities are there to face the various queries for: –

  • To determine the risk factors for a cervical dysplasia and HPV infection—–because at the younger age the cervical-vaginal junction is more pronounced
  • To discuss the potential ramifications of past STDs—–because it can increase the risk of infertility
  • To ensure that a patient is receiving the best possible care

  1. Sexual discomfort


Many women, still in today’s date hesitate to speak up their sexual discomfort with their partner and suffer the poor relationship in the later years. Undoubtedly, healthy sexual relationship is one of the largest factors that make the strong base of long life relationship.

Believe it, the gynaecologists have magical wand of advices and solutions to it.

It can happen due to: –

  • Vaginal dryness

The lesser amount of Estrogens present, stress, and anxiety affects sexual desire, antidepressants, low libido, medications, and busy schedules of working women not indulging in the foreplay, and menopause or perimenopause. As, vaginal dryness don’t result in regular pains, this factor is overlooked by many. But, it greatly effects during intercourse which either weakens the sexual relationship, or results in breaking it completely. The gynaecologist expert can suggest the best preventive measure for it.

  • Sexual intercourse pain

Yeah, the common pain in many women, but rarely few smart females comes forward to solve it. Mostly, they are shy to discuss it and keep crawl the various sites to search related information. C’mon, you highly educated and matured females, even the internet don’t have the every possible information, or it may not be suitable for your type problem. Speak to your gynaecologist and see what solution they bring out from their magic bag. It has been noticed that the couples are not completely free with other, and they are not aware of the different ways to enjoy the sexual relationship. So, when you approach to your doctor, they will certainly state many possible talks helpful to it like the having sex in different positions.


  1. Swelling bumps

I have noticed, often, the pimples or the locks of ingrown hair near vagina. Sometimes, these feels like a pea size ball moving and causing pain when pressed to examine what it is. To be on safe side it’s better to consult the doctor.

There are many reasons affects the burning, itching, and swelling in the vagina. Let’s read out: –

  • Irritation from thighs that leaves no space in between to breathe, or the ointment often used around the vaginal areas can irritate the tissue causing, itching, irritation, and swelling.
  • Irritation from other things like unsuitable detergent, improper size underpants, deodorants, talcum powder, and low quality rough and harsh toilet paper.
  • Sometimes due to dry vagina, the intercourse becomes rough, the friction caused during sex may results to discomfort in the vagina
  • Bacterial Vaginosis caused due to bacterial transmission from the other causes problems in vaginal environment
  • A yeast infection caused by Candida fungal species grows beyond the typical amount in vagina results the disorders like, pain during urination, cottage cheese-like discharge, redness, etc.
  • Cervicitis is often the result of a sexually transmitted disease(STD)
  • Genital herpes causes cluster of small, painful blisters
  • The remnants of the vaginal duct that forms in a fetus known as Gartner’s duct cysts. The remnants if remains attached to the vagina wall forms cysts and disturbs only when it grows and get infected.
  • Bartholin’s glands when get infected and filled with pus and forms cysts. These glands are producing lubricating mucus for the vagina and located on either side of the vaginal opening.


Above, are discussed the secrets which needs to disclose with your gynaecologist to be on safe side. Today’s women and their doctors are well versed with way of communicating related to private part problems and problems affecting personal relationship. It’s said one should be nude before a lawyer, and a doctor to find out the solutions to their worsen part in life.






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