Dry skin is not a fun. It’s irritating and frustrating at times. The skin tears and makes you look older than its real age. It causes itchy often and still if left unattended leads to severe conditions like eczema or dermatitis.

Before discussing few main reasons that causes dry skin, I would like to share one of the best tips to take care of dry skin which has successfully worked out for many.

The best tip for dry skin: –

  • 1 vitamin E capsule + 1 fish oil capsule + half teaspoon of castor oil
  • Squeeze the oil from both the capsules
  • Add the squeezed oil with castor oil
  • Blend it until it gets into one tone
  • With your finger tips apply it on the face skin
  • Spread it properly
  • As the oil mixture will be thick n sticky, massage for two minutes so that it evenly spreads
  • Leave it for overnight
  • Wash it in the morning without scrubbing the skin harshly


  • The oil gets absorbed completely during the night. You can feel the softness in the skin. As, the oil mixture is thick and sticky, you may not like it in the beginning, but continue and you can discover the uniqueness in your skin.
  • This oil mixture fights the dryness, wrinkles and aging cells and retains the natural skin beauty for long.
  • You need to use the oil mixture regularly throughout the winter for the better result.
  • The people with extreme level of dry skin can use it throughout the year. In other days than winter, they can use it thrice a week before going to bed and leave overnight.
  • Despite many preventive homely methods for blackheads, this oil mixture also works on acne and scars to remove it and lighten the spots and scars


You would be thinking what is the secret of this mixture that works out magically on skin? Let’s find it out.


  • It acts as an antioxidants
  • Increase the collagen production which is reduces fine lines. Collagen retains skin elasticity
  • Helps to neutralize free radicals-compound that causes cell damage
  • Reduce free radicals damage caused by sun exposure and consuming alcohol
  • Improves the growth and regenerating the skin cells which results in whitening of the skin(when mixed with lemon juice as it is a bleaching agent)


  • Rich in Omega-3 which helps from acne to wrinkles
  • Contains DHA and EPA, the essential fatty acids that is not produced by body. These helps skin to retain the moisture
  • It works on dermis layer of skin controlling inflammation
  • It controls anti-aging
  • It hold-on the skin water leaving the moisture and softer skin giving young appearance
  • Helps prevent lines and sagging skin because the presence of EPA works in blocking the enzymes releasing caused sun damage, and then boosting collagen


  • It contains vitamin E, proteins, and omega6 & 9
  • It has anti-bacterial properties
  • The fatty acid present in castor oil restores the skin’s natural moisture balance
  • Boosts the production of collagen which acts for softening and hydrating the skin
  • Rejuvenates the skin making it softer and smooth
  • Corrects the wrinkles
  • Helps in relieving dry and patchy skin
  • It is best for Atopic Dermatitis which is a dry skin disease


Back to start, let’s know the reasons that leads to dry skin: –

  1. Freezing weather
  2. Lack of fluid in the body resulting dehydrating of skin
  3. Using harsh soaps
  4. Shower with hot water for long time destroys the natural moisture of the skin
  5. Low humidity
  6. Exposing to direct sun, dust, and harsh wind blows
  7. Skin diseases and allergic Eczema


Skin problems are not only related to people with dry skin, but it is with other skin types too.

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