Personality development is essential in everyone’s life

The personality development of a kid is not only depending on the parents, but the schools play a great role in developing any kid’s personality. It can be said that these schools are majorly responsible for it as the kids spent their large section of time and nearly 21 years of age in schools and colleges.

The educational institutes are responsible to teach the importance of education in life. In addition to it, it also needs to concentrate on personality development in a kid’s life. The impressive personality has become essential and it plays huge roles in career foundation.

The CBSE board schools in Amravati are taking initiative in providing the best platform for personality development. Just imparting the bookish language is insufficient to make any kid the smart competitor as an individual.

There are many steps taken in CBSE schools in Amravati, but the challenging part is that it should reach in every corner of the globe through educational centers. Here, it triggers the mind that what reforms can be made to inculcate the child personality development in schools.

What do you mean by personality?

A set of qualities in each individual which differentiate a person from another is defined as personality. Such qualities are needed to emerge in the growing age of any child.

It is not an easy task to inbuilt such qualities in any growing child. In this advanced era, it has become essential to make any child stand out and different in the crowd.

Here rises the question of how to make it? Well, the simple answer is planning to work out at the root level to bring the best out of every kid. And, this is the toughest task which needs schools to invest their time after individuals.

An ideal school is said to be one which focuses on both the studies as well as extra-curricular activities. These inter-schools competitions among students enhance their thinking ability.

Dictating the answers is easy, but the real need is to teach them how to hunt for the answers in different ways.

It is the need of the hour to develop any child socially, morally, and ethically progressive.

To incorporate the logic and its ways in the brains of a kid is a key tool to their smartness and productive.

CBSE board schools in Amravati are applying a few strategies in favor of kid’s personality development.

The preschool’s stage

The period spent in pre-schools plays significant roles in a child’s personality development. Therefore, the ways of imparting the knowledge at this stage in a child are essential and need to improvise.

Apart from the regular games and sports, organizing cultural programs, celebrating annual functions, international school competition, clay modeling, science exhibitions, etc are the main points that needed to be focused by school authorities.

A few other points are there that are noticed to be neglected often. The child-teacher interaction should be good enough o understand the perks of learning things. The sports activities that are helpful to build the mind presence are crucial to add in student’s regular activities.

The secondary education role

The major part of the development takes place in pre-school. The other certain things like to develop the self- confident and motivate the child towards their prime goals are taken care in later stages in secondary education where kids attain some understanding and maturity.

The workshops and the seminars are useful to feed the child with information. The ethics taught through various religious dramas and cultural programs remain in the students for whole life. The lessons related to valuing life, caring for human as well as animals, respecting other’s religion and culture should be effectively fed into their minds and hearts.

Value-education classes play an immense role in teaching being humble, polite, independent, and generous.

Group discussions on various topics greatly help improving intellectual skills.

Started from pre-school itself, the lessons on yoga, physical education, craft, music, and art should be continued in secondary school as well.

The faculty is the key tools to make wonders in the child development from its first day in the pre-school and then school and high school.

It’s time for all the educational centers to adopt effective learning. It needs to promote the quality education and ensure the personality development through various ways in its students, the ultimate future of the country.







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