The relief of watching your baby grow into a toddler is a joy that is unsurpassable. You are finally able to enjoy some time of your own. You can find time to relax when your baby is playing or sleeping. No need to hold them in your arms all the time. The kids can also eat many other things and is not dependent only on breast milk. However, new challenges are also coming to your way.

The following post is a detailed account of the transition of babies into toddlers. Read it carefully and find how to deal with the new challenges! You can always use the goodies and can choose FirstCry online shopping as the best option for every baby’s and parenting.

New signs that your baby is showing:

1 – Your baby has started moving and crawling!

Now that your baby is a toddler he will be on a constant move. Your baby will be exploring everything and learning new things. And, he will be putting every single thing in his mouth. Shoe, toys, clothes, pens, and literally everything that he can find – everything will be going inside his mouth. Your baby will also follow you around the house while you are doing chores. Toddlers love crawling and moving.

They simply will not stop, no matter what! So, always keep good quality toys that are free of harmful chemicals. You should also wash the toys every once in a while. This will keep the infections at bay. To buy good quality stuff in an affordable range you can use FirstCry Coupon Code.

2 – Grasping almost everything that he or she could find!

Your baby will be grasping everything that he or she could reach. So, you have to reorganize your home. You also require many essentials for baby-proofing your house. Drawer locks; almirah locks; stairs barrier and many such things must be installed to maintain the safety of your child. You must also rethink your door bolts. The traditional door latch systems are very unsafe.

Your child might get accidentally locked inside a space. You might also be locked in or out. The situation can get worse with the child getting a panic attack. So, find a good technician and make your home baby-proof. You can find many essentials online as well.

3 – Toddlers Communicate!

Toddlers know how to convey their feelings and make demands. They will give you signs for everything. And, if you tell them simple and easy words, they can even TALK in their own way. So, don’t just ignore the little ‘dadaa’ or ‘mumm’. Be patient and listen to your kids, they will surely understand and make you understand their feelings and thoughts.

4 – Self-Reliance!

Toddlers will love to do everything by themselves. They will snatch away the spoon from you to feed themselves. They will grab and run away with the snacks and even try to hold the milk bottles. These toddlers want to do everything on their own. While bathing, they will try to snatch the soaps and mugs as well. They will copy you and will try to do each and everything that you do.

To let them learn and grow on their own, you can give them easy food to eat. You can also cut the fruits longitudinally so that they can grab them and eat. Give them sipper cups that they can easily hold to drink water on their own.

5 – Weaning:

Many mothers want to wean their toddlers. After reaching the age of 1, you can wean your babies as they can perfectly eat and drink the other things. However, every baby is different and take a different amount of time to wean. So, if you want to wean your baby, you might not be able to do that easily. You have to patiently wait and the habit will gradually form. You can also consult a doctor to learn about some techniques that can help you in the process.

If you are buying a plastic feeding bottle, you should opt for the ones that are food grade and free of harmful chemicals. Otherwise, you must opt for the stainless steel feeding bottles. They are more expensive than plastic bottles and are safer as well.

6 – Sleep patterns:

Your kiddo will be sleeping for a long time now. They might sleep only 2 or 3 times at the most in a day. But, the duration of their sleep will be more. They will also play for a longer duration. Hence, sleep patterns will get better. So, if you are planning to catch up on your life after your newborn baby becomes a toddler, this is the best time.

7 – Massaging the baby:

To improve the hand and body coordination of your baby, you should massage him or her on a daily basis. You should give them massage with some good oil such as olive oil; vitamin E fortified olive oil; coconut oil and mustard oil, etc.

So, enjoy this new phase of parenthood as much as possible. And, to make the expenses of this transition fit into your budget with FirstCry.


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