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In my last article I have forwarded the magical tip for dry skin in winter to keep the skin smooth and soft. Now, in this article I would like to present the home-made scrub for dry skin to exfoliate, especially in winter that actively works and results great.

How exfoliation works on dry skin?

The face skin is most delicate skin compare to skin on other parts of body. Face is the most open part of the body that is subjected to lots of wear and tear. Therefore, it requires regular attention and care to keep it neat and retain its glow.

Exfoliation is required for removal of surface dry skin cells. It is a great helping hand for skin care and retain skin glow.

There are reasons that give rise to the need of exfoliation, like hyper-pigmentation, dry skin, etc.

The best tip for home-made scrub

There are various home-made scrubs that are helpful in exfoliating the dry skin.

Here, I would like introduce the only one and the best home-made scrub which actively works on dry skin to give smooth appearance and youth look by retaining its natural glow.

Home-made scrub solution for dry skin

  1. 1 vitamin E oil capsule + 1 Fish oil capsule + few drops of castor oil + any ready fruit scrub or which is suitable for your skin. (I prefer fruit scrub)
  2. Squeeze oil from both the capsules and add it with castor oil
  3. Add the oil to half spoon fruits scrub
  4. Mix it well
  5. Spread the mixture on the face and scrub the skin gently with finger tips
  6. Add in between drops of water to smooth the movements
  7. Continue for 7-8 minutes
  8. Don’t rush; don’t be harsh on your skin. Keep the moves gentle and equally scrub on each part of the face
  9. Wash it with water. Don’t use warm or hot water
  10. Pat the skin dry with soft towel
  11. Apply it thrice in the week
  12. After scrubbing you can put moisturizer or add light make-up if required

Why this home-made scrub actively works?

The different oils present in the scrub mix functions accordingly: –


  • It acts as an antioxidants
  • Increase the collagen production which is reduces fine lines. Collagen retains skin elasticity
  • Helps to neutralizes free radicals-compound that causes cell damage
  • Reduce free radicals damage caused by sun exposure and consuming alcohol
  • Improves the growth and regenerating the skin cells which results in whitening of the skin(when mixed with lemon juice as it is a bleaching agent)


  • Rich in Omega-3 which helps from acne to wrinkles
  • Contains DHA and EPA, the essential fatty acids that is not produced by body. these helps skin to retain the moisture
  • It works on dermis layer of skin controlling inflammation
  • It controls anti-ageing
  • It hold-on the skin water leaving the moisture and softer skin giving young appearance
  • Helps prevent lines and sagging skin because the presence of EPA works in blocking the enzymes releasing caused sun damage, and then boosting collagen


  • It contains vitamin E, proteins, and omega 6 & 9
  • It has anti-bacterial properties
  • The fatty acid present in castor oil restores the skin’s natural moisture balance
  • Boosts the production of collagen which acts for softening and hydrating the skin
  • Rejuvenates the skin making it more soft and smooth
  • Corrects the wrinkles
  • Helps in relieving dry and patchy skin
  • It is best for Atopic Dermatitis which is a dry skin disease

What are the causes for exfoliation?


  1. Hyper-pigmentation


It is the brown spots that come due to various reasons like growing age, pregnancy, hormonal changes, and genetics. If these spots are not attended timely and seriously, it becomes darker with the growing age. Exfoliation helps here to break the pigmented cells which in turn results in fading the spots.

  1. Dry skin


It especially in winter demands exfoliation. To distance the dryness, we generally load the face with creams. Dry skin is due to more dry skin build-up. The layer of creams re-hydrates the dry skin cell build-up. Exfoliation removes the dry skin cells and retains the skin moisture.

The skin slows down exfoliation naturally as the age grows. It results in accumulation of dry skin cells. Exfoliation is an added process to get rid of accumulated dry skin cells and retain skin’s youth look again.



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