What factors make any CBSE affiliated school ranks top in the list of Top CBSE schools in India?

School is said to be the second home for a child. A child spends the majority part of the time in school with teachers. It is the roof under which the students acquire knowledge together to learn the importance of education in life. It is a base to make a fruitful career and bright future by acquiring higher educational degrees.

A good school provides the opportunities and positive attitude to learning and progressive thinking towards life.

Parents would like to evaluate some of the parameters related to school including the goodwill and legacy of the school.

It can be visualized from the culture and system of the school that how a school can take care of the students.

The following are a few factors that can be evaluated to measure the standard of a school:-

  1. Unbiased ambiance

The school ambiance should be friendly and warm to welcome any age students. The teachers and staffs, both should be cooperative with students, especially the newcomers and students relocating in the place getting new admission in the school.

There should be no difference shown on basis of gender, races, religion, caste, faith, and income.

  1. Secured environment

CBSE is a Coed school. Both girls and boys are studying under the same roof. It is teachers’ and staffs responsibility to provide a safe environment for students. The school authorities should provide securities in all aspects. The CCTV surveillance is must for any school.

Nowadays, many incidents have been recorded about misbehave with females in the school campus. The parents need to strictly check such related reports about the schools if any.

  1. Discipline

A plant is standing erect and bearing seasonal fruits because its roots are deep and well spread, watered and nicely fed with good fertilizers. Similarly, for a student and a school to be successful, their base should be deep-rooted with good discipline and well manners.

Discipline is an essential part of learning in any CBSE schools in India. It reflects the character of any school and its students. It is crucial to check the measures which a school inculcates for good manners in a student.

  1. Feedback

This can be one of the best ways to know the present and past status of any school. A good alumni network in top CBSE schools in India starts the report about the reputation that helps the parents whether to admit the child in the school or not.

  1. Learning methodology

The learning methodology of any school is counted crucial as it builds the base of any student and makes him/her ready for future. Parents need to analyze the study methodology in schools. It needs to be checked if the traditional or innovative method of teaching and learning process is used. The learning techniques and their methods affect a lot for any student’s learning process and progress.

Before it was just chalk and blackboard were used to teach the students. With the passing of the time, practically started playing great roles in enhancing the student’s knowledge. And in present days, projects making by the students on different topics has literally played an extensive role in widening the innovative power of any student.

Another additional innovative learning process for today’s students in top CBSE schools in India is through digital sources of media types like text, images, audio, and videos. This digital source learning is one of the parameters that are helpful to teach students to match today’s multinational industries’ requirements.

  1. Academic results

Undoubtedly, the academic results of any schools matter extensively for any parent to arrive at a decision for getting their child admitted to the school or not. It is crucial in laying the foundation of learning, personal development, career building, and holistic development of mind.

  1. Holistic education

Nowadays, parents are much interested in providing education to their kids that also teaches to face real-life challenges. The holistic education is effective in building social relationships, valuing social and emotional development, learning about oneself, experience truth and transcendence.

It teaches to build the mental ability to recover quickly from life’s bad incidents, misfortunes, and depression.

Holistic teachings avail the ways to visualize the life’s beauty in all aspects and conditions.

  1. Career development

It is understood that the parents sent their wards to the top CBSE schools in India aiming to build their topmost career that can be the base to lead a happy and luxurious lifestyle. Career advancement is one of the essential factors that rank any schools in top CBSE schools.

CBSE schools like CBSE schools in Amravati provide career-related research and advanced courses. These are helpful for students to develop an effective and result oriented job search strategy. They learn to expose themselves effectively and build a professional network.

The personality development classes in schools give good practices to the students to face the moments confidently with excellent presentation, for example during interviews.

Career advancement courses empower students to translate their academic success into professional success. It helps them to opt for better career choices. Often a student with good academic results lies behind as he/she don’t have much knowledge about the good career choices for them.


Above are a few listed points that become the reason to place its good position in the list of top CBSE schools in India.

Parents can reckon considering the listed points in the article to find the best suitable school for their wards.







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