Red wine uses are extensively known by everyone. We all know that it is made from grapes. The quality of red wine depends on the collection of grapes. The different types of grapes are used to manufacture red wine. The color of wine depends on the types of colored grapes.

The color of the red wine depends on the pulp of the fruit plus the skin. It is prepared from a variety of dark colored grapes, like, dark purple, blue, and red. The taste of wine depends on the flavor, color, and age of the grapes used for manufacturing red wine.

The old wine tastes better. Red wine can be stored for a longer time as long as the cork of the bottle is not opened. But, it is recommended to finish it soon when the cork of the red wine bottle is opened.

It is a wonderful source of relaxation. Red wine benefits greatly for health including hair and skin. The credit goes to the antioxidants and tannins present in the drink. Having huge benefits for skin and health, red wine is also good for the heart.

Red wine benefits

  1. The red wine consumers have a 34% lower mortality
  2. It raises high-density lipoprotein cholesterol which is measured as good cholesterol
  3. The resveratrol antioxidants present in red wine helps to protect against cell damage and Alzheimer’s disease
  4. Another antioxidant naming quercetin kills natural cell found in colon cancer
  5. It lowers the risk of breast cancer in women
  6. Consumption of red wine lowers the chances of heart strokes because of the presence of tannin and resveratrol removing chemicals responsible for blood clot
  7. The presence of melatonin hormone in red wine regulates the sleep cycles
  8. A single glass of water per day boosts the immune system and ward off infections

Red wine uses for hair

White hair or hair aging, hair thinning, and rough and dull hair texture is a severe problem for most of the people. Both men and women are facing these problems regularly. There have been introduced many homely preventive methods for caring hair till date. Using red wine for better hair growth and recovering good hair texture is one of the highly recommended and proved methods.

Different red wine methods for hair treatment

  1. Hair paste

Henna is said to be one of the best ingredient used to make hair paste. When added with red wine, the henna paste for hair treatment gives excellent results.

  • Take dry henna powder + 1 spoon castor oil + 3-4 spoons of red wine
  • Mix it well and make a paste
  • Leave the paste for an hour
  • Apply it on your hair
  • Wash your hair after half an hour with lukewarm water

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  1. Condition the hair

Red wine and henna both are good hair conditioner. After washing the hair with shampoo, the hair can be given the final wash with red wine.


  1. Prevention against the ultraviolet rays

Sunrays damage the quality of hair. It makes the hair brittle and hair tends to break easily. We don’t cover the hair every time to save it from ultraviolet rays. Hair exposed to direct sun rays becomes dry and dull. Red wine helps extensively to provide protection from ultra-violet rays.

  • Mixing red wine with henna paste and using it for hair provides great protective cover from ultra-violet rays
  • Rinse the hair with red wine after washing it with shampoo

  1. Prevent hair loss

Hair thinning is one of the worst and major problems for every person, especially for women. Hair is an ornament added to women’s beauty.

  • Use red wine to massage the scalp for 12-15 minutes. It boosts the blood circulation
  • Drink a glass of wine every day or alternate day
  • Use a henna paste made by adding red wine
  • Rinse hair using red wine after washing hair with shampoo

  1. Prevents hair aging

White hairs before time in younger age are the worst thing hated by every individual. But, it is a fact that people are getting it. Red wine is a great source to prevent hair aging. It can’t stop it, but consuming red wine slows down the process of hair aging.

Keratin is a key structural making up hair. Red wine prevents the degradation of keratin. The bioflavonoid helps in growth of keratin.

  • Mix it with your regular hair conditioner
  • Massage the scalp with red wine for 10-15 minutes
  • Hair rinsing with red wine


  1. Dandruff

The white dry scalp we know as dandruff is the enemy of good hair quality. Dandruff results in hair thinning and severe itching which often become injurious to the delicate scalp. Intake of red wine strengthens the blood vessel and massaging the scalp with it improves blood circulation.

  • Massage the scalp with red wine gently for 10-15 minutes that improves the blood circulation
  • If your scalp irritates using red wine, just spray it on the scalp
  • Mix two spoons of minced garlic and a half cup of red wine. Leave the mixture overnight. Massage the scalp with it every day till your dandruff and itchy irritation vanish

  1. Improves hair growth

The antioxidants present in red wine strengthen blood vessels.

  • Take 1 egg + 2 spoon castor oil + 5 spoons red wine
  • Mix all well and apply it on the hair with any brush or soft toothbrush.
  • Spread it properly on each of the strands
  • Cover your hair with a head cover or use any towel
  • Keep it for half an hour
  • Wash it with your regular shampoo and the antidandruff shampoo is recommended for best result
  • Repeat it once a week







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