Wearing perfume is not rocket science. All you have to do is just point and spray, that’s it. Well if you have been thinking like that, maybe you need some basic lessons in using the perfume. Wearing a fragrance properly is not less than an art requiring every bit of artistic skills and scientific skills that you can gather up. It actually requires some serious skill and finesse if you wish to get more out of the fragrance and make it last for a long time. Where you have applied, how you have applied it and how much you have sprayed are just a few minor points of this facet of perfume.

Not just wearing, the way you store your perfume also plays an essential role in the way your perfume behaves. Where you have been storing it and how long every bottle lasts can tell you a lot about perfume and the way it has been changing by just lying there. If you think that, your fragrance is not as fragrant and vibrant as it was when you bought, blaming your skills of storing the perfume bottle for men and women.

To help you in using your perfume properly and to store it in the right manner, we are here with this amazing guide that will definitely make you the perfume expert.

Store Your Perfume in The Right Environment:

For best understanding this situation, you need to consider the perfume like a living organism that doesn’t like sudden temperature changes. It can change devastatingly if placed in a hot environment changing the perfume drastically to the molecule levels. Every perfume is composed of various ingredients, aromatic oils, essential oils mixed in a base. If it is too hot, the composition will start changing, denaturing the alcohol and affecting the overall performance as well as fragrance.

Placing it in direct sunlight can expose it to ultraviolet rays that might cause the perfume’s color to change. It will start developing a tint, getting darker and darker. You might have seen such signs of oxidization in your old perfumes, kept for a long time in direct sunlight, even if it is inside a rood. The best way to ensure the longevity of your perfume is to store it in the dark, cool and dry place. If you have invested in expensive perfumes, storing it in the refrigerator will be the best option. Never place them in your bathroom or in any cabinet in the bathroom since it is the hot spot for humid, hot environment.

Use It As Soon As Possible:

Are you someone who believes in staking up perfumes, buying them one after the other and cherishing them for a long time. Well, you need to change this habit if you want to enjoy a good refreshing fragrance of your perfume every single time you use it, buy them in small quantities and use it as soon as possible.

Instead of buying big perfume bottles, you need to stick to the miniatures or the 50ml ones since they do not last for a long time. Moreover, instead of hoarding perfumes get only about 2-3 perfumes from the Online Perfume Store at the same time and use them all before finishing. Perfumes can get oxidized whenever they are exposed to the air causing changes to the smell and longevity.

The Right Way To Use It:

Just spraying perfume is not enough if you want to make it long lasting without any alteration to the fragrance. Start with clean skin, washing off the skin and removing any dirt or oil from it. Now moisturize your skin using a non-fragrant moisturizer so that it doesn’t interfere with the scent of the perfume giving it a clean scent. Once done, spray your pulse point with perfume and allow it to air dry. Generally, people try to rub the perfume to dry out but this practice can damage your perfume scent reducing its life. Try not to rub your skin after spraying perfume, rather pat it gently if the perfume is taking too much time to dry out.

Spray On Your Hair:

In the summertime, it can get a bit difficult to make the perfume a bit long-lasting. Your pores are sweating it out hence you need to look for a place where it can get ample heat to dissipate as well as can stick on to something. Apart from your skin, your hair is the best place for applying perfume. The perfume molecules will stick to your hair releasing in small batches giving off fragrance for hours. This trick an also come in handy on beaches, pool parties and on your bad hair days.

Following all the above-mentioned rules can actually help in adding to your perfume’s longevity as well as making it consistent in the scent. Use a good quality perfume, apply it properly and smell amazing for hours in one go.

Praween is publisher of this article on behalf of Perfumebooth Company. He is professional digital marketer, blogger and influencer. He is sharing informative information with high-quality content to enhance the reader knowledge and experience.


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