English language has become the universal language. It is widely used in various fields. Business sectors, job opportunities, entertainment, books, surfing internet for collecting information, etc. everywhere English is essential.

Similarly, speaking English keeps the same important as learning.  Nowadays, fluent English speaking is considered the basic requirement in employees by the multinational companies.

English communication skills are most essential to secure the good opportunities in job and dealing the business affairs with other countries across the world.

Whenever anyone intends to practice speaking English fluently means that the person understand the language, but can’t speak like many.

Here are some easy and effective ways to learn fluent English: –


1.     Find a native speaker

It is the best idea to find a native speaker around and communicate with the person on different topics. You should be able to contact the person regularly, so that the practice continues in a flow. Undoubtedly, a native speaker will have more speed and better pronunciation compare to you. Don’t concentrate to catch the speed, rather just keep learning the accent, pronunciation and new words during the conversation.

2.     Be patient to listen

In a flow to learn speaking English fluently you should not just keep talking. You need to be patient to listen to others. This adds in you the ideas of phrases used, the new words, the way of talking, taking proper pauses at words so that your language can be properly understood.

3.     Question –Answer framing

Try to communicate with a partner framing pattern of question-answer. The answer lies in the question. Allow the partner to put questions and you answer to it. This sounds like a sort of play, but it benefits a lot. The interrogative type communication gives practice in two ways.

4.     Speak to mirror

Sometimes the partner may not be available. But, you need to continue practice. Here, the mirror can be your partner for the time being. Look at the mirror and have interrogative type communication. This will help to point out the mistakes if any, which pronunciation is getting tough for you, the number of pauses you take which may not be necessary, and the flow of the fluency. You can be your teacher.

5.     Use phrases in the conversation

There are some phrases which are commonly used. This enhances quality of the sentence and it sounds stylish. Learn the small phrases in the beginning and use it every day in your communication. For examples thank you so much, never mind, I really appreciate, excuse me please, that sounds great, what do you think, can you please repeat, have a nice day, you are most welcome, etc.

6.     Don’t be afraid of making mistakes

It is common for the learners trying to keep thinking about the grammatical mistakes. It is essential to learn the correct grammar, but don’t hold it too much while practicing speaking fluent English. Even, a native speaker makes mistakes, but their fluency covers it.

7.     Use the new word learnt the same day

Use the new words learnt framing different sentences with the same words. The repeated process will give practice and confident to use it.

8.     Use Dictionary

Find the meaning of the words those are new and you might not be clear of the meaning of it. Knowing its meaning makes easy to use it repeatedly in other sentences.

9.     Speak with children

Try to speak with small children who themselves are in a stage to learn English. This will give freedom to speak continuously without any fear of making mistakes and anyone making fun of you. Try to practice phrases with them.

Apart from the above points, there are few more points that one should in-built in it to learn anything in life, even speaking fluent English.


1.     Discipline

To attain heights in life, the first thing is to maintained discipline. Make your timetable to practice speaking fluent English. Don’t allow room for any excuses to change not to follow the timetable. Fix at least an hour a day with no holidays for at least three months.

2.     Determination

It is the key to success. You should be determinant and stick to it until you achieve the success goal. It is possible that your mistakes and slow learning often frustrates to continue practicing. But, you should not take any breaks.

3.     Trust yourself

Believe in yourself that like many others you can do it and you will do it. The confidence and determination to achieve anything results success every time, undoubtedly. Don’t get haunted with the thoughts that people may make fun of your speaking English; they might judge you, etc. Avoid such thoughts and fear in you.







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