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Medicine is one of the most sought after fields anywhere in the world including India. A medical career is generally seen as a prosperous one. Doctors and medical professionals are seen as great people who save lives. Medical career has its good parts. A medical professional will surely have a level of respect in any society. Every society, throughout history, has had a need for quality healers and medical professionals. In fact, we are living in a world where the child mortality rate is the least and the average lifespan of humans is at its highest. This is due to our advancements in various areas of medicine.

It is clear that medicine is crucial to a longer and better life to humans all around the world. As we continue to develop medicines that cure various diseases and find new methods to cure any medical condition, the health of the entire species gets better. With today’s sophisticated technology, almost any disease, that was considered to not have a cure a century ago, could be cured with nothing more than a pill. Although we don’t appreciate it as much, our breakthroughs in medicine are tremendous and have aided in creating longer lives.

But, there are huge developments going on in the medical field that not many students are aware of. Fields such as Biotechnology and microbiology are becoming very crucial to the way we will perceive biology and medicine in the future. Consequently, the number of jobs in traditional medical fields is decreasing and the need for quality professionals in growing fields is increasing. Medical students are searching for a way to enhance their careers and lead better, more profitable lives. This is certainly possible.

In countries such as India, the cost of pursuing a medical degree is ridiculously high. Many middle class families cannot afford it. The number of seats in public colleges is very low compared to the number of students applying for them. Indian government colleges and universities have some of the least acceptance rates in the world. Students are finding it increasingly hard to get into medical courses in Indian colleges. Some choose to go abroad for this reason and in many such cases, it costs the same, if not less to pursue a medical degree, such as MBBS. However, this is still not enough to better one’s career in medical fields.

One obvious way of enhancing one’s career in medical fields is to choose a field that is growing fast. One such field is biotechnology, which uses biological processes and microorganisms to create products in many fields such as pharmacy, textiles, skincare etc. There are many such fields and most of them are still being researched on. But, this route has a level of uncertainty to it. Another way is to get as much experience one can by securing an internship or working part-time in clinics. This is generally how medical students build their CV and Resumes to get better job opportunities. This is surely very helpful but takes a lot of work as one needs to work while studying.

Another way is to get a business degree after securing a medical one. MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a popular degree among business and management students. MBA is one of the most sought after courses in the whole world. An MBA is sure to improve the career of a professional in any field, including medicine. This is because MBA graduates are taught how to interact with others and lead teams. This is crucial in the modern world, for any field. An MBA degree is valid anywhere in the world and has proved to be crucial in many areas such as engineering.

MBA after MBBS is a very good way of enhancing one’s career as it opens up many new opportunities in one’s medical career. For any MBBS professional, an MBA might create a more leadership oriented job in any clinic or hospital. This means that the work is more towards managing and also includes heading a team of medical professionals to do their jobs. This ensures higher pay and more opportunities. Also, if one wishes to change their line of work, they can always go for management jobs. Pharmaceutical marketing, hospital management etc. are some jobs that are available to MBBS professional with an MBA. These are very lucrative jobs and are great for enhancing one’s medical career.


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