The first question I asked to my daughter when she started thinking seriously about the career. “Would you like to be an English teacher?”

She replied, “Yes, I want and would like to.”

Why, did I ask her this?

Here’s, my experience that made me to write this article.

I was in grade IX, a student of English convent school, still couldn’t reply the difference between the words “am” and “was”. Shame, it was. Isn’t it? But, honestly, I didn’t feel it. So, what my teacher was keep staring at me. Damn! So, poor I was in English.

Keep flowing and I completed graduation. Never mind, till date didn’t face the situation that can raise a question to me, If I need an  English teacher, or sounds great if I would like to be an English teacher?

The life circumstances forced me step out of the house and look for a job. And, now I was completely blank. The blue sky visions me black. You know why?

Well, every office, or any commercial centre I seek for job with just grabbing a graduation certificate would like to start the conversation in English. Hell, it sounds to me like. Forcefully, I use to hold my presence on the spot for moments and would forward an excuse to vanish from there.

I was tired. It was more than enough. And, now I was done. The lack of English knowledge stabbed me literally. Decided, lastly to drown in the flood of the English knowledge and swim out as an excellent trainer of the same.

I barricaded myself with the query, “what is the importance of English in today’s life?”  When you know the need and the importance of your action, then the effort loaded by you is always interesting and fruitful throughout.

I would like to share the same with you all, especially the females who still not aware of the fact that how English can strengthen the base for grabbing the good job opportunities across the globe.

  1. Education


It’s the sector which builds the foundation for all other well developed sectors. Evaluating, the importance and need of the English language, mostly, all the educational institutes, either completely, or partly teaches the subjects in the same language. Turning, the pages of any type records, or stories books, it has been vision that the typed letters are in English. It has become the common language to inscribe the knowledgeable and informative materials on this universe.

Every country has their cultural, historical, and economical information. To, share such knowledgeable information across the world; English knowledge becomes the mode to it. This language is given major importance by every educational institution to build the strong base of each candidate from the beginning which further becomes an added quality for them to compete in the world, both in business and job sectors.


  1. Travelling


It’s one of the biggest sectors responsible for every country’s growth. Country, like India is welcoming thousands of the tourists from across the globe. The domestic tour agents plus the travel agents are the source to those international tourists to accompany and guide them in all the ways. To, reach any new place is not much tough, but to accustomed with the new environment need the comfort communication.

English is a dominant language and spoken across the world, the tourists’ guides available are the key to avail the basic information about the importance of the place and its cultural history. English, being the second language almost in all countries, it’s easy to communicate with any foreigner. This has facilitated with the open space and huge interest for the travelers from any corner of the world.

  1. Entertainment

Man watching streaming series in a laptop computer, lying in the bed.image

The world of entertainment in the form of movies, live shows, video games, great personality shows, famous books, etc. are all telecast and jotted in English language. It’s popular to see the hit movies of any language with English subtitles. Now, either for study purpose, or for any information collection, every age candidate is surfing internet. Large number of the websites availing such information uses English based content. Unfamiliar, to this universal language restrict one with the great and immense world of entertainment.

  1. Information


The news media and internet are large users of this language. Both, the sources of information use many other languages, but English has captivated the major areas of it. All, the technical information and the guides for many researches are jotted in the same. The awarded national and international novels and story books are penned in this universal language. Online study materials and live coaching are in English language. This facility has smoothed the route for any aspirant to avail the informative knowledge related to any subjects.

Knowing this language benefits anyone to add it with the largest knowledge on any topic and about any place, and things that exist on this earth. The crucial is that all the competitive exams held for any field is in English language. Though, the facility is added to appear in other language too, but still the base is English only. The political status of any country across can be known through the news channels serving the purpose, but in the English language.

  1. Confidence


One can conquer the complete world with its extreme level confidence. Undoubtedly, it has ornamented and polished one with huge confidence and great personality. The 50% of the interview is passes out with your presentation only.

  1. Business


Today, every country is shaking hands with neighboring countries to build the healthier business relationship with each other. The national and the multinational companies that serve the purposes would like to hire employees knowing great percentage of English. English serves as a mediator as all the documentation work is done in the same language. Today largest volumes of reputed companies are stretching nationally and internationally across. To deep root them, they require the healthy communication in between and which language can be better other than English.

7.  Content writer


A content writer who may like to grab full time job or any freelancing work should have good communication and writing skill in English. There are many categories in which a content writer can be expert, but each of them need strong English base.


Language is the primary source of communication for every human figure. It is a source to share ideas, thoughts, pain and sorrows, joy and happiness, a language to emit love for others. Originated from the lap of the British, it has become viral language in every country today because of its inevitable presence in the sphere.




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