What do you mean by fashion?

Fashion is a form that designs a person, enhances it beauty and personality both. It defines color, form, line, and texture. It concentrates on proportion, balance, unity, rhythm, and emphasis. The fashion passes through different stages. Those are introduction when any new design enters the space, rise when it start works, culmination when it reaches the highest point of popularity, decline when the designs starts falling down, and obsolescence when the design completely becomes outdated.

Well, there still few designs in fashion world which are not passing through such different stages, but it remains stable, unique, and incomparative.

The white bridal dress worn by every bride is one of the unique design and fashion from century.

Not compulsory, but majorly it’s in white color. Is white color having any significant meaning attached to it? The white colored wedding dress is popular from the age of Queen Victoria in the 19th century. The religion and the culture of the wedding participants decide the color, and style of the gown.

Is there any tradition to wear white gown and where it originated from? Well, there is no such tradition, but this has been continuously followed by other brides since when Queen Victoria wore white laced flared gown in her wedding. Though, colors truly signify many things such as blue wedding gowns suggest feminine, purity, stability, security, and lifelong loyalty.

Is there is a custom that only virgins can wear the white colored bridal gowns? Well, in today’s age there is no such assumption left for it. But, the veil still keeps some significant related to virginity. Yes, it has been heard and seen that the veil symbolizes the virginity of the bride. Though, many brides who are already in connubial relationship prefer to add the veil in their wedding dress, but they don’t cover their face with it. It is said a pure virgin covers its face and head with a veil, leaving the black hair flowing at the back, to symbolize the virginity. It stays the same till the wedding ceremony concludes. After that bride’s father raise the bride’s veil and then handing her over to the bridegroom or the bride herself uncover her face.

With the modernization in today’s era, the fashion style of designer gowns underwent many changes. Before, the gowns seem to be thick and heavy, mostly, fully sleeved and less flared comparatively today’s latest gowns. But, today the same dress has come up with many variations. Mostly, the sleeves of the dress are replaced with straps and netted fabrics are getting common and popular. The dress weight is reducing to more lightly.

Let’s see some of the famous celebrities wedding gowns: –

  1. Katte Middleton at her royal wedding to Prince William lined her wedding dress between the modern and classic with deep V-neckline. The upper body including the long sleeves are netted laced designed fabric. She also added mid length veil crafted from silk tulle and embroidered with flowers. The bottom of the gown features the blossoming flower. The train was 9 feet long. The gown was designed by Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton. The dress cost pretty $400,000.

Image source-www.tlc.com

  1. Kim Kardashian, when announced her engagement with her love, Kanye West, many dress designers started buzzing around, but she ended up with her close friend, Givenchy’s Ricardo Tisci. She wore custom lace mermaid gown. In addition to this silhouette, the gown featured along lace sleeves, and a sheer paneling at the waist. The gown was topped off with cathedral length veil. Her dress cost estimated to $2.1.


Image source-www.theknot.com

  1. Angelina Jolie wed to Brad Pitt. She dressed herself on her special day in silk-satin gown with an A-line skirt and a train. The attractive part of the complete dress was the embroidery, her children’s drawings, sewn into the back of the dress and on the veil. It was designed by Luigi Massi. Her dress costs nearly $3,600.


Image source- beltranarismendi.com

  1. Melania Trump was a piece to be adored in her extraordinary wedding wear. Her dress was designed by John Galliano. The sleeveless mermaid style wedding dress was cut from 300 feet of duchess satin and designed with nearly 1500 hand stitched crystals rhinestone and pearls. Her wedding dress weighed 60 pounds including 16 foot veil, 13 foot train and costs $100,000 was enlisted as one of the costliest dress of the time.


Image source-www.hollywoodreporter.com

  1. Ivanka Trump chose for a simple elegant wedding dress inspired by Princess Grace’s wedding dress. The gown weighed 50 pounds. It was made with the help of 28 seamstresses. The dress was up to floor length with short lace sleeves added with long veil. The upper body was laced with beautiful embroidered design.

Image source- www.popsugar.com

  1. Lady Diana wore a gown made of ivory silk taffeta and antic lace added with a 25 foot train and 153 yard tulle veil. It costs nearly £151,000. The dress was designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel. The bodice was frilled design with lace. The 18 carat horseshoe was attached to the petticoat as a sign of fortune. The gown decorated beautifully with hand embroidery, sequins, and 10,000 pearls. The lace was hand- made named Carrickmacross lace which was belonged to Queen Marry.

Image source- www.cbsnews.com

  1. Sofia Vergara was very clear in her mind that she needs not to give the virgin look at her wedding, but she prettily wants to look sexy. She falls on for a dress for a white strapless silk-tulle dress with a sweet heart neckline. The bodice was hand embroidered and the waist was highlighted by a pearl beaded belt. The huge detachable skirt was an additional to unique design. The dress was design by Zohair Murad. The gown took nearly 1,657 hours to complete with the help of 32 people. The gown was decorated with 11 pounds of sequins, and 6 pounds of pearls.

Image source- www.pinterest.com


  1. Grace Kelly’s wedding dress was designed by Helen Rose. The dress was cut from 25 yards of silk taffeta, a pale pink in colour. The dress was two parts attached a bodice with a high rounded collar and a flared skirt. The dress material included one hundred yards of silk net, and 125 years old Brussels rose point lace. The veil was made from 90 yards, tulle. The Juliet cap was an addition to her wedding dress was bejewelled with seed pearls and orange blossoms. Her wedding dress at the age 1956 costs $8000 would be costing nearly $ 68.000.


Image source-glamourandgraceblog.com 





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