Imagine that you have decided having a facelift in Atlanta and making necessary preparations, but at that same time, a friend comes to visit. You greet her and have a casual chat while talking you let her know about your plans that you are going to have a facelift soon. You observe that her expressions change and she bursts out telling you about certain bad things related to the surgery. After telling you she goes away but leaves you confused whether to have the surgery or not. However,you need to know that many of the misconceptions about a facelift surgery are wrong.

The Facelift Procedure:

This surgical process aims at reducing the visible signs of aging to transform a person’s look to appear more attractive. Surgeons reduce the saggy skin to reshape the facial contours. A face lift procedure is one people choose for many different reasons including, loss of skin elasticity, saggy skin, and deep wrinkles, to look young. During the surgery, some surgical and non-surgical procedures can be used by the surgeon for the best results.

The Myths Debunked:

There are some myths surrounding the facelift procedure that are not true and disclosed as lies. The people who want to have a facelift done should be aware of the realities behind the process. Only through proper research and asking, the right questions can come out of the disorientated state. The following are some superstitions that you need to straighten out.

Not only for Women:

It is a common misunderstanding that the facelift is only for women. Men are also eligible to opt for this surgery. Although the procedure is different for men and women, the time taken is the same. Majority of the men have their nose reshaped, jowls and chin reshaped. Men prefer to have a non-surgical facelift done.

Too young to have Facelift:

The people who have saggy skin and extra fat are qualified to have one, whether they are young or old.It is becoming a trend within the youths to have a facelift. The young can choose from these six procedures:

  1. The Mini-Facelift
  2. The Mid-Facelift
  3. The Deep Plane Facelift
  4. The Silhouette Instalift
  5. Neck Liposuction
  6. Ultherapy

Resist the Pain Longer:

Many advanced techniques have made the recovery of the surgery less agonizing. Anesthesia administration, painkiller medications and a healthy diet make the process more comfortable. Some patients think that they will have to bear a lot of discomfort during the recovery period but rest assured that you could go back to a normal routine within weeks.

A Fake Look:

After the facelift, patients think their appearance would look too artificial. The face becomes tight and overstretched,but this does not have to be this way. The change that comes to your face is fresh and young; this is the only thing that people will notice. A natural looking surgery will never turn your face into a fake one.

Speeds up the Aging Process:

After Rhytidectomy, the process of aging remains the same it does not speed up. The effects of the aging reverse. You look younger but the aging speed is normal; it neither speeds up neither slows down. People can go to different websites or visit patients who have undergone surgery to see for themselves.

One Surgery Technique for all:

In the past, there was one procedure to cure all types of facelifts but now that is not the case. As discussed earlier, six types of surgical techniques can heal various facial problems. Varied types of surgeries are available for different facial features so choose the type that you wish to have carefully.

Longer Recovery Time:

People have the wrong information on the duration of the recovery. The modernized versions of facelift surgery, the doctors make tiny incisions that can increase the healing time.It can take only a week of bed rest to restore back to a normal life.You can contact any institute, who offer facelift surgery and have a detailed meeting on this matter;Crispin Plastic Surgery is one of many who can assist you.

Botox has Similar Outcomes:

It is a wide difference between having Botox and facelift.Botox is only injections that only make you look younger. However, Botox cannot target skin tightening and fat reducing which the facelifts works out excellently. Botox can only be done on small parts of the face like; lips, eyebrows, nose and smile lines.Whereas, facelift covers the whole face, neck and chin area.

Only the Rich Can Afford It:

Another myth about facelift is that only the wealthy people have the money and resources to have it done. Nevertheless, many non-surgical procedures are available that people can afford to have. Botox, Dermal fillers, thread lift,and laser treatments are to name a few.


As you might have seen by now that people are not aware of the truth about a facelift in Atlanta and make others confuse. Now it must be clear to you that most things you knew were misconceptions and believing in them was a mistake. So do not believe them and consult a doctor about.


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