happy living

People have only one chance to live. And for that, we want to make the most of our lives and live every day as if it’s the last. But the real essence of life is sometimes hard to find out. Simply because the idea of a life worth living may vary from person to person. But after all, what matters is that you’re happy.

Happiness and fulfillment are what makes life more meaningful. And living a meaningful life results in a healthy mind and body. While there is no exact answer to how people live their best life, there are several things that people can do to find reasons to wake up every morning and look forward to a brand new day.   

For me, there are secrets in finding the real essence of life. You just have to unfold them and see for yourself.

Discover your purpose.

Starting from the scientists and philosophers to the ordinary people, everyone is obsessed to discover their purpose. We all have questions but sometimes it’s so hard to find the right answers to them. Like why are we here? Why do we live? We live exactly for what?


Upon growing, I’ve learned that searching for answers doesn’t happen overnight. We have to live every day and find the answer in the course of our journey. Otherwise, you can’t live a meaningful life. It has to start with finding your real purpose. The method depends on what you believe in.  

Have faith.

Theology has greatly influenced our spirituality and culture. While there are differences in religions and beliefs among people, we all arrive at a common faith that there is God and living a life of faith in Him is the key to a meaningful life.   

Care for your health.

It makes more sense to live when you know you’re healthy and free from any minor or serious health issues. Facing a health challenge can affect everything else that’s going on in your life ‒ goals, career, skills, happiness, etc. So while you’re young and healthy, start making a commitment to take on healthier habits and avoid those that can put your health at risk. If there are cases of experiencing minor health issues such as aches, pains, or indigestion, do not hesitate to see a doctor and follow prescribed medications or run under appropriate medical imaging procedures for further results.       

Set your daily goals

Try to create a list of significant goals when you wake up each morning. Setting your daily goals can give you reasons to get up and face the rest of the day. Make sure that these goals are based on your righteous principles and beliefs. Nothing is more satisfying than doing things that will bring benefits to yourself and to other people.   

Focus on the crucial things in your life

There is no specific definition of the things that are important to you. But you have to know which are the things that matter to you the most. If it’s your family, spend time with them more often. If it’s your career, work hard and see where it can take you. Just focus on the things that will make you happy. This way gets you closer to finding your real purpose in life.    

Pursue your passion.

We only have a life to live and the best way to make the most of it is to take the chance of pursuing our passion. I believe everyone shouldn’t be afraid of making their dreams come true because chasing dreams gives us our purpose in life. Keep trying new things with all your heart and mind. The world is your limit.  

Get rid of hate feelings in you

It’s okay to get angry sometimes. But never surround yourself with hate all the time. Keep distance with toxic people. Forgive them because it’s the only way to get rid of hate feelings in you and your mind free from worry.    

Give back.

Living a meaningful life doesn’t always focus on yourself. That’s why we have our family members, friends, peers, and neighbors. Because our life doesn’t only revolve to us. Cultivating the acts of giving back to the world and sharing some help to others will give your life more purpose and meaning. It could be something as simple as lending an ear or a shoulder to anyone who needs it.   



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