Do you want to be a content writer?

A writer is a person who plays with words in various styles and with techniques to communicate the ideas.

I always wonder at the age of 45 after passing 25 years in experiencing various career fields, why at present I am known as a content writer? I have experienced tutoring and fashion designing to great extent and gained good popularity, but why got hooked on content writer.

Designing and writing, both are an excellent fields flooded with art, creativity and inner talent. I never knew if I was so good to work with it.

Past, in the teenage, I developed interest in writing. As far I remembered I wrote small emotional articles on life, the purity of love, poems, etc. But the article length was small. After short duration, I got diverted to designing sector and sought teachings in fashion designing.

Well did in the same and continued with it. I forgot I used to write. Life was flowing smoothed, but something was incomplete in me as if I was missing something.

Yes, I was missing a writer in me. By, the age 40 I felt like losing life because I suffered loneliness. And, that made me pen down words in diary.

Writing gave me good company and with every word I could realize there’s a hidden writer in me.

Friends’ and guests’ comments on my writings drive me crazy to output my more and more thoughts. Now, I want the world to read my words.

Here, I flew with my thoughts when my neighbour who is an expert in digital marketing since a decade coat me with an opportunity to became a content writer. It’s has a huge vacancy and great scope for writers in this entire world.


Within days I was tagged with a title, “CONTENT WRITER.”

It’s a great journey and I am continuing with it.

Further, in this article I would like to share the basics to become a content writer which I learned during my career.

The natural and gifted qualities of a content writer: –

1.     Passion

It is one of the first and foremost qualities a writer should posses. Unless, a person is not passionate for his/her writings, he/she won’t be able to continue writing till long. And, even he/she won’t be getting interested to gather ideas, form imaginations, and creative thoughts to write a unique content of any field.

How passion helps?

  • Overcomes fears of writing more and get unblocked
  • Helps spot new writing opportunities every time
  • Keeps one focused and committed
  • Surrounds one always with new ways of writing
  • Improves writing and interpersonal skills in the same
  • Adds one with more creative thoughts and ideas
  • Have a positive impact on others


2.     Creative mind

A content writer needs to jot down every time the unique contents. They are assigned with a job to cover infinite contents on the same niche. Here, if they’re need to installed with a creative mind. So, that he/she can work on various different and new ideas and thoughts every time. They have to make the contents out of their own thoughts.

How creative mind helps?

  • Allows a room every time you need to write with new ideas on the same niche
  • Very playful in imagining things to write more and more
  • Adds more colourful ideas to the same content
  • Keep overflowing the ideas and imaginations, so you’re never blocked to write
  • Never frames with you with fear of losing position as your mind can’t be read by any unless you pen down your words


3.     Craziness

Another quality that sounds weird, but it works a lot. Their craziness to write doesn’t mind any clock hours. They can sit-up at mid-night and pen down their thoughts, and ideas. This craziness can’t be formed, or created in any writer. What you can guess, what they must be doing that they sound crazy?

  • No fixed working hours
  • Stays at distance from family and friends
  • They love loneliness
  • Smoking feeds them with more and more ideas——–smokers they may be, not compulsory
  • Black tea and black coffee are their favourite beverages
  • Toilets are their best mind booster place

Designed skills needed for a content writer: –

1.     Do you know what a reader want?

It is the most essential factor for any content writer to decide what their readers want. Writing content means a communication between the two people. The writer should be clear of which readers he/she wants to target. When, the writer is not clear about his/her audience and could not understand what the writings are about, then it is like shooting an arrow in the open sky.

So, you need to remember: –

  • Conduct a study and market research on the audience
  • Should be clear about the niche you like to cover
  • Headline and the content should match as the reader spots the title as per their needs
  • The content should be clearly placed as per the categories (health tips should not be covered under medicinal category)


2.     What you actually want to tell your readers?

When you deliver a speech you are clear what you want to say and to whom. If, you deliver a speech about cooking to kids group instead of a story to them, the kids will run away. Exactly, a writer should know what to write and for whom.

 For it they should work on: –

  • The topic and subject should match completely
  • Don’t chose the beauty concepts to write for men’s blogs
  • If, not able to complete the para means the ideas you are writing about need more research
  • If the sentence is not clearing your brain thoughts and ideas you want to pen down means you need to empower your analytical and communication skill



3.     What writing styles need to be mastered and developed?

It is normal for a good content writer to master different types of content. Each category has different writing style to adapt. A good content writer never copy. He/she only collects the information about the topic to be targeted.

 A content writer should follow: –

  • The article tone should be according to the nature of the content.
  • The blogs should have friendly and personal tone
  • The press release should be informative and to the point
  • White papers should contain the introduction, results, reasons, and solution about the topic
  • Web content should be informative in a simple language
  • Advertising content should be feature writing describing the product and need of it
  • The best is to focus on one style and be master in it
  • In content writing career, one may be facing different types of writing styles


4.     What readability principles a writer should follow?

It is the most essential point and skill a content writer should possess. Content should be written in a language that is easily understood by every level of reader. Using more technical and high words to write a content which is getting difficult to read is unnecessary. A writer needs to concentrate on equally making understand his/her points to a reader. He/she should not waste time in impressing a reader with high grade level writing.

A writer should follow this for securing high readability percentage: –

  • The language should be simple and easy to understand
  • Avoid complicated words
  • Use an active voice
  • Make short sentences( maximum 12-15 words are good)
  • If, needed to write lengthy sentence then keep the language simpler to understand it
  • Use small syllables( maximum 2 syllables is good)
  • Don’t use much complex words
  • Use the language like “we” and “I” to make it like communicating directly. This holds a reader with the content
  • Make the topic interesting rather than dragging it to be a longer content
  • Be consistent with the topic. Don’t mix two or more topics in one content. Just focus on the one base line
  • Use small paragraphs, 5-6 lines will be better
  • Break the contents into subtitles, use numbers and bullets to explain the points
  • Use simple fonts and the normal size of 10-11
  • Avoid jargon. It spoils readers mood


5.     What level of research a writer needs to make?

This is the base of content writer. A content writer needs a deep, thorough, and many researches to write one content. The research element is the most essential factor in content writing.

A content writer needs to research in the following way: –

  • They need patience to go through number of texts
  • They should have the analytical research
  • Need to research in various ways like keyword research, niche research, topic research, and other related research


6.     What is the necessity of knowing the basics of SEO, HTML, CSS and Word Press?

It has become partially essential for a content writer to acquire the basic knowledge in SEO, HTML, CSS and Word Press.

It should be learned for the following reasons: –

  • Word press consists of different levels of automatic functions which are used for texts
  • The texts can be made visible as per choice using HTML tags
  • Learning codes helps in solving problems related to fixing spacing or headline can be decorated
  • SEO knowledge is crucial as search engine algorithms keeps changing and writers need to know it and keep up with it
  • To learn the particular way WP restarts numbering for starting a new numbering
  • These all helps to write a quality content


7.     What style of writing can engage readers a lot?

It is the most important thing to keep engage the readers. The content written format and style should be such that it holds the readers for the next come up in the article.

How to write reader engaging contents?

  • Provide question-answer type content
  • A reader is always interested to learn new and more
  • If your question engages the reader, then the answer to the same will push them further to read more
  • The purpose of the content should be increase the knowledge of readers
  • You and your content are the only one that provides the solution to reader’s problems
  • Try to provide elaborated answers that other writers missed out


8.     What makes readers trust writers?

It is essential for a writer that readers should trust them. For, writers what they write is collected information from different sites. It is not possible just to write own. So, it is crucial for writers to provide the correct information to hold readers and they keep reading their articles.

How writers collect information?

  • Read through different sites
  • Even read the books related to topics
  • Recheck the information with other sites
  • Correctly cite the source from where the information is collected if the text is copied


9.     What a writer needs to sharpen the writing skill?

A writer needs to learn different writing techniques. There are different readers with various reading selection. There are various categories which need different writing skills. Plenty of grammar and spelling mistakes put off the reader thinking the content to be low quality.

What are the steps to follow to write a good article?

  • Should know to write blogs and articles
  • Technical writing requires informative writings
  • Need to chose the words that convey the messages properly
  • Ensure spellings and grammar should be correct
  • Revise the content after completing it.


10.   What are the ways to keep the words focused?

A writer needs to follow the same track while writing any article. They simply can’t change the track and introduce new topic.

How to continue writing till end?

  • Think about the title for the category and topic you want to write for
  • Give a meaningful title
  • Describe the title in the article
  • Give sub-headings in the article to explain in details
  • Don’t introduce any other non-related matter of new topic in between
  • Don’t get off track


11.   What are the platforms to promote the content?

Social media is common for every type chat and promoting the business and products. Writing content is a partial job done. Now you need to promote it.

How to promote content?

  • Social media is a right platform
  • Search for the common social medias
  • Make a page on each social media
  • Post the content and check your followers


12.   What is the importance of summarizing in writing?

A writer should posses the ability to sum-up the ideas in the content.

How to summarize the content?

  • Write an introduction covering the ideas what the content is about
  • Continue the content and divide it in sub-headings that makes easier for readers to understand
  • Remain precise with wordings till the end of a content
  • Conclude the content with adding the views on entire content in short


13.   What way the writer should communicate with readers?

A writer has a good communication skill or not, but he/she needs to communicate with readers in different ways. All the writers have their different way of understanding the content. A writer can add images, infographics, and videos, any way he/she can communicate to readers they think the best.

How to explain content in different ways?

  • Some readers understands by reading it
  • Some likes to concentrate in listening the content
  • Many likes to understand the content by viewing





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