A healthy head of hair is all w

Red wine glass for the healthy hair
The best red wine for hair treatment

omen’s dream. Who would not like to have long, shiny, thick and healthy hair?

The women suffering from hair loss, dull hair, or poor quality of hair, they must be upset with the realization of these conditions.

This article is written for all women who are hunting every time the amazing hair solutions. The ideas and tips that are forwarded in this article aim to provide with advice and ideas that can help hair restoration for all women.

The constant anxiety over rough circumstances possibly results in loss of hair. Learning to cope-up with a tough situation is essential.

Nearly losing 100 hairs a day is usual. If your hair loss is getting beyond the limit, then try out some of the solutions. In worst conditions, better consult related doctors for correct treatment.

5 hair solutions for better hair growth

1.     Watch and evaluate your balanced diet

You always think that you are eating a balanced diet. But still, you are suffering hair loss. Why?

Have you ever count iron in your diet, especially those who are vegetarian or anemic. Testing the iron level in your body will help you exactly to evaluate what to eat. To cover the deficiency of iron in the body you can eat green leafy vegetables, beans, and also the lean cuts of red meat that can help increase the iron level.  Lean proteins are favored a lot.

Carrots add minerals to your body that is crucial for hair to grow healthy and maintains its strength.

Keratin is an essential hair protein. Eating foods having high protein and adding it up with keratin is much helpful for healthy and stronger hair follicles.

Vitamin C produces collagen, a crucial element in maintaining healthy hair. It improves the scalp circulation. If you think the vitamin C level below the line, then add up yourself with some citrus fruits. You can also consume vitamin C orally after consulting with the doctor.

2.     Biotin

It is the most vital vitamin that is required to prevent hair loss. It is helpful in promoting keratin, the natural vitamin found in hair. It holds the hair tight and prevents it from falling down. This vitamin can be collected eating rice, barley, milk, and liver.

3.     Limit using chemicals and harsh treatments on hair

You need to use mild shampoo for the hair. Strong chemicals in the shampoo are the alternative reasons for hair thinning.

It is also said that the infrared and UV light treatments are minor responsible for hair loss. Try avoiding it.

4.     Scalp circulation

Circulation on the scalp is the ultimate way to prevent hair loss and increase health for hair. Give a gentle massage to scalp, exercise and breathe deeply. The circulation on scalp improves the blood flow in the scalp which provides more nutrients to the hair.

Use the fingertips for gentle and smooth scalp massage with essential oils. The use of carrot oil or olive oil is good for the scalp and better hair growth. Avoid your nails touching the scalp.

Never forget the best red wine uses for hair. Use red wine to massage the scalp. The antioxidants present in red wine are excessively helpful for hair.

5.     Sleep

Eight hours of sound sleep is most essential for skin and hair. It rejuvenates the skin and promotes healthy hair growth. It removes toxins from the body.

Use soft pillow wearing clean pillow cover while sleeping. Don’t tie hair and sleep. Let the hair fly open on the pillow.



The above listed 5 hair solutions are proving the best for preventing hair loss and hair breaking regularly.




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