Are you drinking adequate water? Do you exfoliate facial skin weekly?  Can you list the food items and fruits that you called a balanced diet? Did you ever count the number of your tea and coffee mugs that you intake per day? Tell the period for how long you exercise every day? And, of course, you need to tell if you have ever skipped watching favorite shows, stopped late night chatting, or ever canceled late-night outings just to have an adequate sleep of eight hours?

Your replies to all the above questions will evaluate how good and healthy is your facial skin.

Facial skin is needed to be taking extreme care by all women. Many of us are aware of the red wine uses for skin. In this article, we will discuss the simple steps to take care of the facial skin.

  1. Water

We all are aware of the fact about how water is necessary for skin and health. The body cells including skin cells require water to perform their functions.This gives a good reason for every individual to drink water regularly.

Adequate water in the body flushes out the toxins from the body. It moisturizes the skin naturally. When skin is hydrated, it looks more soft, plumper, and healthy. It gets nourished from inside.

Water helps reducing acne breakouts because it lowers the concentration of sebum in the skin.

Minimum 3 liters of water is essential to maintain normal health. Often, many people are restricted to drink limited glasses of water due to some health problems.

  1. Exercise

Physical exercises are essential for stabilizing good health. The regular exercises including yoga and meditation help to retain the natural facial skin glow. While exercising, the heart pumps more than a normal status. It, in turn, results providing oxygenated blood to the skin. The oxygenated blood enriches the natural glow of the skin.

A good exercise helps in keeping distance with mental and physical stress. Morning walk under the open sky is the best exercise for glowing skin. We get the fresh oxygen in the open air. There is much difference between getting oxygen from the circulated air in the fixed space and open space.

  1. Healthy and balanced diet

Green vegetables are essential for glowing skin and healthy hair. The diet should be balanced including equal proportions of all vitamins. In addition to a balanced diet, the best uses of yogurts for skin are important. A good diet should include green leaves, salad, proteins, iron, yogurt, and minerals. Apart from these, there are many other foods that play role in keeping skin good and healthy.

Fruits are compulsory to be added in the list of elements that literally helps the skin to glow. The antioxidants present in fruits and vegetables are helpful reducing anti-aging signs and retain the natural glowing facial skin.

Fruits rich in carotenes like carrots and apricots should be added to the food list which results to give skin radiance.

The fatty acid is not produced in the body. It is essential for the body and skin. Fish is suggested to eat for accumulating fatty acid in the body which in turn promote cell renewal. It can be consumed orally.

Avoid eating excessive salt and sugar. The transformed sugar causes collagen glycation which hardens the skin.

  1. Beverages

Tea and coffee are not good for health and skin, both. The women habituated of drinking these beverages should limit it and drink more water.

All women may not be aware of red wine uses for hair and skin. Red wine has excellent benefits for both skin and hair. The women can drink a glass of red wine every day. The antioxidants present in red wine is much helpful.

  1. Sleep

Adequate sleep and sound sleep is essential for good health as well as glowing skin. It is said that the skin is revitalized and repaired at night.

In today’s busy schedule people don’t get enough time for regular sleep. Good sleep creates various hormones in the body and it recovers skin cells.

Many women have a habit to take shower before bath. This is an excellent method to keep skin clean and healthy.



  1. Wash off the make-up before going to bed

Going to bed without removing facial make-up is worst for the skin. The make-up on the face will clog the pores. It can also tarnish and irritate the skin.

Wash the face with lukewarm water or normal water. If the skin is too dry, you can use any mild moisturizer after washing a face.

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  1. Exfoliation

You can exfoliate your skin once a week. It is especially recommended for dull and dry skin. It is a truth that the skin gets better with exfoliation as it gets rid of dead skin cells.

Exfoliation stimulates cells renewal, and unclogs pores. These two steps help greatly to look the skin brighter. It depends on skin type which type of exfoliate is good and how often the facial akin needs to be exfoliate.

For sensitive skin exfoliate once in fifteen days or even once in a month. The dull and dry skin is recommended to exfoliate once a week. The oily skin will require exfoliating more frequently.

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  1. Apply clay face pack

The facial pack is used timely for better and glowing facial skin. Clay face pack is mostly recommended for any skin type. The clay absorbs the excess fat, removes the impurities, and get rids of certain bacteria. The skin becomes clearer and homogeneous.

The mask is disallowed to stay for complete drying. Wash it off before it dries and starts getting cracks.


  1. Essential oils as ascending

Essential oils like vitamin E can be mixed with water. Sandalwood or Bergamot oil is recommended for its moisturizing properties. You can spray this mixture a few times in a day to soften the skin and protect it from pollution.

  1. Protection from ultraviolet rays

Sun rays causes photo aging and often cancer. All women are aware of the fact that ultraviolet rays damages the skin.

All women have the knowledge to put sunscreen while going out in the sun. But, they must be unknown that sunscreen is also needed in the house. The windows, fluorescent bulbs, and electronic devices leak UV rays.

These sun rays are responsible for damaging collagen and elastic tissues which causes wrinkles.

It is essential to select the best suitable sunscreen for your skin type. If you are not sure, consult dermatologist for better suggestion.




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